Cochrane Croatia recognized for success in promoting best available health information
Cochrane Croatia translates Special Collection on Breastfeeding
Cochrane Crowd celebrates 2nd birthday with 2 million classifications
Cochrane Crowd does it again: rapid study identification for a Cochrane Rapid Review
Cochrane Crowd webinar - Help us curate and deliver health evidence
Cochrane Crowd webinar - 30 Oct 2018
Cochrane Crowd, Cochrane’s citizen science platform, breaks records in Mexico
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews is the most referenced health-related journal on Wikipedia
Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group dispels myths on podcast
Cochrane Deutschland Stiftung: a new era for evidence-based health care in Germany
Cochrane Diversity and Inclusion
Cochrane Early Career Professionals Network - Upcoming activities
Cochrane election results and appointments to the Governing Board
Cochrane ENT vs COVID-19 - Providing targeted evidence for clinicians
Cochrane evidence for athletes
Cochrane evidence in different languages
Cochrane evidence in different languages
Cochrane evidence on nutritional labeling on menus and new FDA labeling rules
Cochrane evidence plays key role in evidence-based medicine for better health
Cochrane Evidence used in new WHO guideline on intrapartum care for a positive birth experience
Cochrane expands its reach with the launch of a new Network across China
Cochrane expresses thanks to Professor Gerd Antes for leadership of Cochrane Germany
Cochrane expresses thanks to Professor Philippe Ravaud for leadership of Cochrane France
Cochrane expresses thanks to Professor Prathap Tharyan for leading Cochrane South Asia for over 14 years
Cochrane Eyes and Vision celebrates 21 years of high quality evidence
Cochrane First Aid vs. COVID-19: Making sure COVID-19 evidence is available in people’s preferred language
Cochrane France vs COVID-19: Mapping ‘real-time’ evidence about COVID-19
Cochrane Germany Foundation officially established
Cochrane Germany vs. COVID-19: Working together to share research evidence
Cochrane Global Ageing makes a statement at the World Health Organization
Cochrane goes 'Geek Chic' with new merchandise - an interview with Science Scribbles
Cochrane goes to the March for Science
Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility awarded the 2019 Research Excellence Award at the University of Auckland
Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility establishes Satellite Group in the Netherlands
Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility vs COVID-19: Collaborating to produce the ‘PregCov-19’ living systematic review
Cochrane Heart hosts an Author in Residence
Cochrane Heart seeks Consumer Involvement
Cochrane Iberoamerica and the Spanish Ministry of Health join together for the launch of Biblioteca Cochrane
Cochrane identifies its priority areas for future COVID-19 work and lists other critical questions for the research community
Cochrane in 2021: an opportunity to reunite with colleagues
Cochrane in Chile: a new centre for evidence-based decision making in health care
Cochrane in Everyday Life - Compression stockings for preventing deep vein thrombosis in airline passengers
Cochrane in Everyday Life - Fluoride toothpastes of different concentrations for preventing dental caries
Cochrane in Everyday Life - Round Up
Cochrane in numbers: April-June 2017
Cochrane in partnership: The United Nations (UN) Decade of Healthy Ageing
Cochrane in Practice - Clinicians
Cochrane in Practice - Dentistry
Cochrane in Practice - Nursing
Cochrane in Practice - Physician Assistant
Cochrane in Practice - Round Up
Cochrane in the news: August 2016
Cochrane in the news: December 2016
Cochrane in the news: January 2017
Cochrane in the news: July 2016
Cochrane in the news: June 2016
Cochrane in the news: November 2016
Cochrane in the news: October 2016
Cochrane in the numbers: April - June 2018
Cochrane in the Workplace - High School
Cochrane in the Workplace - Quality Improvement
Cochrane in the Workplace - Research
Cochrane in the Workplace - Round Up
Cochrane India Network launches in online event
Cochrane Indonesia’s 2019 Symposium
Cochrane Infectious Disease Group seeking to fill three research positions - Liverpool, UK
Cochrane Infectious Disease Group works with WHO on latest guidelines for malaria vector control
Cochrane Interactive Learning
Cochrane International Mobility
Cochrane International Mobility - Franciszek Borys
Cochrane International Mobility - Agata Stróżyk
Cochrane International Mobility - Ana Beatriz Pizarro
Cochrane International Mobility - Astrid Modiano Hedenmalm
Cochrane International Mobility - Carolina Severiche Mena
Cochrane International Mobility - Emma Persad
Cochrane International Mobility - Filip Wikström
Cochrane International Mobility - Greta Sibrecht
Cochrane International Mobility - Israel Júnior Borges do Nascimento
Cochrane International Mobility - Lea Styrmisdóttir
Cochrane International Mobility - Mari Kinoshita
Cochrane International Mobility - Marina Macchi
Cochrane International Mobility - Marlide Jukema
Cochrane International Mobility - Raphaela Mayerhofer
Cochrane International Mobility - Vanessa Young
Cochrane Ireland vs COVID-19: ‘fact checking’ claims in a pandemic
Cochrane is delighted to announce the official launch of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cochrane is delighted to announce the official launch of Cochrane Mexico
Cochrane is supporting a culture of evidence
Cochrane issues statement on WHO guidelines development and governance
Cochrane January-March 2019: highlights from Q1
Cochrane Japan gets independent Centre status
Cochrane joins the Dementia Research Chatathon on 7 September 2020
Cochrane joint winner of 2021 Harding Prize for Useful and Trustworthy Communication
Cochrane July - September 2019: Highlights from Q3
Cochrane launches a new guide for choosing images for sharing evidence
Cochrane launches Cochrane Czech Republic to support the use of high quality, trusted health information
Cochrane launches Cochrane Kenya to promote evidence-informed decision making in healthcare in the country
Cochrane launches Cochrane Sweden
Cochrane launches Cochrane’s Evidence Essentials: An introduction to evidence-based medicine and systematic reviews
Cochrane launches its first Knowledge Translation mentorship programme
Cochrane launches new centre for best available healthcare evidence in Argentina
Cochrane launches new focus on diversity and inclusion
Cochrane launches new Interactive Learning module on Health Equity
Cochrane launches new Study Register to support rapid evidence synthesis in the global challenge to combat COVID-19
Cochrane launches report summarising what we have heard from our diversity and inclusion listening and learning exercise
Cochrane Library Editorial - Anticholinergic drugs and dementia: time for transparency in the face of uncertainty
Cochrane Library Editorial - Contested effects and chaotic policies: the 2020 story of (hydroxy) chloroquine for treating COVID-19
Cochrane Library Editorial - Implementing systematic reviews of prognosis studies in Cochrane
Cochrane Library Editorial - Information specialists: ensuring quality as the basis of evidence synthesis
Cochrane Library Editorial -Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare: evidence for action on too much medicine
Cochrane Library Editorial: Appraising pay‐for‐performance in healthcare in low‐ and middle‐income countries through systematic reviews
Cochrane Library Editorial: It’s time to increase the global relevance of Cochrane Reviews by applying an ‘equity lens’
Cochrane Library Editorial: Policy makers must act on incomplete evidence in responding to COVID-19
Cochrane Library Editorial: Prospective meta‐analyses and Cochrane's role in embracing next‐generation methodologies
Cochrane Library Editorial: Protecting human health in a time of climate change
Cochrane Library Editorial: Treatment for Buruli ulcer
Cochrane Library Special Collection: Enabling breastfeeding for mothers and babies
Cochrane Library Special Collection: Preventing falls and fall-related injuries in older people
Cochrane Library Special Collection: Reducing pain in infants, children, and adolescents
Cochrane Library Special Collection: Yoga for improving health and well-being
Cochrane Library Special Collections on malnutrition
Cochrane Library: an improved online platform to guide health decision-making across the world
Cochrane Live: Discuss the next chapter of Cochrane live in Sweden
Cochrane Living Systematic Reviews vs COVID-19: Highlighting the latest information
Cochrane makes statement to special session of the World Healthy Assembly
Cochrane Making a Difference: Midwifery
Cochrane marches for science
Cochrane Membership
Cochrane Membership Thresholds
Cochrane Methods Rapid Reviews vs COVID-19: How to review evidence fast and maintain quality
Cochrane Mexico vs COVID-19: Evidence to guide paediatric COVID-19 patient care
Cochrane Musculoskeletal establishes Satellite Group in Denmark
Cochrane Nigeria works with national guideline developers to help them develop and adapt evidence-based guidelines
Cochrane Nigeria: 15 years on
Cochrane Nursing Care brings the latest evidence to nurses
Cochrane Nutrition Field established in South Africa
Cochrane October - December 2019: Highlights from Q4
Cochrane offers an array of online learning opportunities for the stay-at-home era
Cochrane Oral Health presents summary of recommendations for the re-opening dental services
Cochrane Oral Health vs COVID-19: Evidence to help reopen dental services
Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group seeks Managing Editor (maternity cover) DEADLINE EXTENDED
Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care shares evidence about back pain
Cochrane passes 100,000 members and supporters
Cochrane Podcasts
Cochrane Portugal vs. COVID-19: Sharing high quality evidence in newsletters
Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth establishes Satellite Group in the United States
Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group support WHO in ‘living guidelines’ approach
Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth launches infographic series
Cochrane prioritisation project informs NIHR tobacco research funding
Cochrane Priority Reviews List: Reviews open to new authors
Cochrane publishes three rapid reviews of the evidence on different public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19
Cochrane publishes two COVID-19 scoping reviews to inform WHO guidance
Cochrane Rapid Review examines international travel-related control measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic
Cochrane Rapid Review investigates the effectiveness of screening for COVID-19
Cochrane receives an Innovate UK grant to fund further development of the COVID-19 Study Register
Cochrane recognizes its first Knowledge Translation mentors and mentees
Cochrane recommends Covidence for new reviews
Cochrane Rehabilitation at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy
Cochrane Rehabilitation forms new partnership
Cochrane Rehabilitation receives award for Spanish blogshots
Cochrane Rehabilitation REH-COVER (Rehabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response) action
Cochrane Rehabilitation talks to Science in the Break
Cochrane Rehabilitation vs COVID-19: Compiling the best available evidence rapidly
Cochrane releases RevMan Web software for non-Cochrane systematic reviews
Cochrane research group at UTE University of Ecuador receives the "General Rumiñahui" award for its work related to the COVID-19 pandemic
Cochrane Review compares two drugs used for treatment of macular degeneration
Cochrane Review confirms effectiveness of MMR vaccines
Cochrane Review Group Networks launch their two-year strategic plans
Cochrane review has informed 20 sets of guidelines around the world
Cochrane review informs guidelines on managing histoplasmosis in people living with HIV
Cochrane review informs WHO drowning prevention guideline
Cochrane Review on Saturated fats included in a report published by Public Health England
Cochrane Review on vaginal prolapse surgery spotlighted
Cochrane Reviews on vision screening and reading aids updated
Cochrane Russia for the first time in history publishes in PLOS ONE the results of the quality assessment of Russian clinical practice guidelines using the AGREE tool
Cochrane Russia helps to prepare new systematic reviewers
Cochrane Santiago message from the Cochrane Board
Cochrane seeks Internal Communications Executive
Cochrane seeks new Co-ordinating Editor - flexible location
Cochrane seeks publishing partner from January 2021
Cochrane shows support for WHO-ICMRA statement on transparency and data integrity
Cochrane signs letter asking medicines regulators in Europe to address unpublished clinical trials
Cochrane signs on to support the REWARD Campaign
Cochrane signs on to WHO call for action on managing the infodemic
Cochrane signs WHO’s Vaccine Equity Declaration
Cochrane Skin Group celebrate 20 years of improving treatment of skin diseases
Cochrane South Africa announces appointment of new Director
Cochrane South Africa vs COVID-19: Very rapid reviews to inform National treatment Guidelines
Cochrane speaks with the Science Basement Podcast
Cochrane statement to the 148th WHO Executive Board meeting on strengthening global emergency preparedness
Cochrane statement to the 73rd World Health Assembly about the Decade of Healthy Ageing
Cochrane statement to WHA on managing conflict of interest
Cochrane Steering Group announces appointment of third external member
Cochrane Steering Group announces appointment of two external members
Cochrane Stroke vs. COVID-19: Making it easy for people to find relevant COVID-19 evidence
Cochrane Students
Cochrane Summer School Videos
Cochrane supports AllTrials report on UK clinical trial transparency used as a basis for parliament evidence session
Cochrane supports European regulators as they urge clinical trial sponsors to share their results
Cochrane supports Vivli’s accelerated process for sharing data from COVID-19 trials
Cochrane Survey: Provide feedback on Cochrane’s Policy on Conflicts of Interest
Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare joins forces with the BMJ to explore new ways to make health systems healthier
Cochrane Sweden celebrates its 2nd anniversary
Cochrane Sweden celebrates its 5th anniversary
Cochrane Sweden collaborates on trial transparency report
Cochrane Sweden hosts one week 'Introduction to Cochrane Methodology' course
Cochrane Sweden is awarded independent Centre status
Cochrane Switzerland seeks Coordinator - Lausanne, Switzerland
Cochrane systematic review informs WHO guidelines, policy
Cochrane Taiwan announces appointment of new Director
Cochrane Taiwan is expanding its reach through a new Cochrane Affiliate
Cochrane takes its mission of promoting evidence-informed health decision-making to the UK Parliament
Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group releases priority setting report
Cochrane Training Resources in Russian
Cochrane trains its community on knowledge translation
Cochrane UK and Cochrane Ireland host online event; 'Virtually Cochrane', 20-22 April 2021
Cochrane US Network's first in-person meeting - Dec 2019
Cochrane US talks about overabundance of information and how Cochrane is responding to the "infodemic"
Cochrane US vs. COVID-19: Sharing US evidence in a free online repository
Cochrane vs. COVID-19
Cochrane welcomes the commitment of funders and international NGOs to implement WHO clinical trial reporting standards
Cochrane works with the Association for Healthcare Social Media to celebrate World Evidence Based Healthcare Day
Cochrane's 2016 Annual General Meeting: 25 October 2016, Seoul
Cochrane's 2018 Colloquium officially granted ‘Patients Included’ status
Cochrane's 2019 Annual Review
Cochrane's 2022 International Women’s Day Events
Cochrane's 30 Under 30
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Andrea Cervera Alepuz
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Andres Viteri Garcia
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Emma Persad
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Petter Brattström
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Ahmad Sofi Mahmudi
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Ammar Sabouni
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Anneliese Arno
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Aqsa Iqbal
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Audrey Tan and Eve Tomlinson
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Camila Escobar Liquitay
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Carlo Frassetto
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Chinese Team
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Emma Axon (née Mead)
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Emma Cartwright
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Heidi Gardner
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Ibrahem Hanafi
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Imen Farhat
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Javier Ortiz Orendain
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Jenna Patterson
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Jess Rees
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Joel Pollet
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Lara A Kahale
Cochrane's 30 under 30: Meisam Abdar Esfahani