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Hear how people in the oral health field are using Cochrane evidence.

Cochrane does not make clinical recommendations, instead it provides unbiased and high-quality health evidence so that health decisions, policies, and clinical guidelines can be informed by the best available evidence. ‘Cochrane Evidence in Practice’ series collects stories about clinical professionals using Cochrane evidence - the everyday healthcare professional making sure their patients and clients are getting the best care!

Dental Student Nicole's story:

Name: Nicole Meerah Elango
: Second Year Dental Student at Peninsula Dental School
Location: England

Cochrane has been an invaluable resource throughout my higher education journey. During my BSc Biomedical Science and MSc Mental Health degrees, Cochrane reviews remained an integral resource which supplemented my academic work, systematic review and meta-analysis.

I believe that Cochrane produces world-class research based on recent, high-quality evidence. The structured, comprehensive reviews have been instrumental to my clinical education whilst studying BDS Dental Surgery. Remaining up-to-date on the latest, high-quality evidence is essential to developing into a well-rounded dentist and the Cochrane Library has allowed me to do so. I encourage my fellow students to remain updated with the Cochrane Library to ensure we make informed evidence-based treatment decisions with our patients.  

At present, I am contributing to a Cochrane review update. I have also created a research series on Social Media which aims to educate the public and other students about high-quality evidence-based treatment and resources such as The Cochrane Library (see here and here). Feel free to follow and get in touch with me on Instagram: @nicolestudiesteeth

Cochrane does not make clinical recommendations. ‘Cochrane Evidence in Practice’ series collects stories about clinical professionals using Cochrane evidence. Would you  like to add your story of using Cochrane evidence? Please contact to share your story. 



Wednesday, November 20, 2019