Accessing Cochrane content in multiple languages

Only about 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers while 75% don't speak English at all. English alone isn’t enough when it comes to making evidence accessible to our target audience: the entire world. We rely on the hard work of local groups for translations, many who contribute voluntarily. As our Reviews are lengthy documents, translators focus on the abstract and Plain Language Summary sections.

Switching to another language

At the top of the  home page all of the languages we translate into are displayed. Click on the language of your choice to switch to a translated version of  When you are viewing a summary page you will be able to see which other languages the review has been translated in, and you can select from the available ones to read it in the language you wish. Please note that some of the translated versions of have not yet been fully translated, so there may be some information in English.

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