Cochrane expresses thanks to Professor Philippe Ravaud for leadership of Cochrane France

After leading Cochrane France for nine years, Professor Philippe Ravaud is stepping down as Director.   

Philippe has led Cochrane France since 2010. His team and Epidemiology unit, based at Paris Descartes University, is an extremely productive and innovative group that has been at the forefront in developing innovative approaches for disseminating Cochrane evidence in France particularly through language translation and training.

Philippe’s primary research focus is methodological research to assess treatments in chronic diseases. His research activities are structured around non-pharmacological treatments, innovative design of trials, evidence synthesis, burden of treatment, as well as research on research (and especially interventional research on research). He works on meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, and on living network meta-analyses and is interested in questioning the methods used at all the steps of a systematic review.  He also conducts research on new methods of meta analyses. Philippe is among the few scientists with strong experience in performing randomized trials and systematic reviews of interventions to change physician practices.

Philippe’s groundbreaking approaches for evidence synthesis through living network meta-analysis have made, and continue to make, an enormous contribution to Cochrane’s methods development.

David Tovey, Editor in Chief, Cochrane said: "Philippe is a highly skilled and forward thinking methodologist. I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from Philippe, and we all continue to benefit from his contributions through the Cochrane Scientific Committee which Philippe co-chairs."

In addition to his methodological contributions, Philippe also contributed to building projects and capacity with and through the wider, international Cochrane collaboration:

Jeremy Grimshaw, Professor, University of Ottawa says: "Philippe has made a major contribution to Cochrane in France and globally. His tireless efforts led to the re-establishment of Cochrane France. He led an initiative (with Cochrane Canada) to translate Cochrane plain language summaries and abstracts into French which had over 1 million accesses in the first 12 months."

Joerg Meerpohl, Director Cochrane Germany says: "He is a very generous, extremely friendly, and hugely supportive person; who is willing to share his brilliant ideas thereby stimulating people to pursue and enjoy rigorous research. Without his support and offer to host me for a year in his group in Paris, I would not be in the position I am today as Director of Cochrane Germany."

Cochrane’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wilson, said: "I would sincerely like to thank Philippe for his outstanding contributions to Cochrane’s work. I am very pleased that Philippe will remain closely involved with Cochrane’s work as the co-chair of the scientific committee, and Cochrane will thus continue to benefit from Philippe’s expertise in evidence synthesis methods."

Cochrane France will be led under the new Directorship of Professor, Isabelle Boutron. Isabelle has been Deputy-Director of Cochrane France June 2017.

Monday, March 18, 2019