Cochrane expands global reach: Pilot project introduces new language translations

Cochrane expands global reach

Cochrane evidence is now accessible in 21 languages, breaking linguistic barriers and empowering global evidence-informed health decisions.

Many people do not have access to high-quality health information, because it is not available in a language they understand. Only about 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers and 75% don’t speak English. 

The focus of our translation activities at Cochrane is on plain language summaries. Plain language summaries are created using standard content and structure and are written in accessible language. Looking to expand past the 16 languages we currently offer these summaries in, we have added five additional languages as part of a 2023 pilot project. The following groups will now be translating them into these languages: 

Although the pilot project is currently unfunded, the participating teams receive access to Cochrane's technical translation infrastructure, training, and support. Their responsibilities include translating a limited number of plain language summaries per month and conducting knowledge translation activities in their respective languages. The success of the pilot project may lead to future expansions.

"I am thrilled by the expansion of Cochrane's language offerings and the remarkable dedication of our volunteers. Their contributions have made Cochrane evidence available in 21 languages, enabling us to reach a wider audience and facilitate evidence-informed health decisions across the globe. I extend my deepest gratitude to all the volunteers who have played a pivotal role in this exciting endeavor."

- Judith Deppe, Cochrane Multi-language Programme Manager


Tuesday, July 18, 2023