Cochrane Membership

Cochrane Membership

Cochrane's Membership scheme was launched in 2017 to reward everyone who helps to produce and disseminate Cochrane evidence. Cochrane Membership is free of charge and is awarded for contributions to our work.

We are a collaborative membership organisation. We regularly consult with our membership when setting organisational priorities. As a Member, you can help to shape our future.

View your contribution record and Membership status. Please let us know about any additional contributions.

I have volunteered for Cochrane - add my contribution

I wanted to join Cochrane’s global community to contribute to the betterment of healthcare and the promotion of evidence-based medicine worldwide. While my country, India, was in a state of total COVID-19 related lockdown, Cochrane resources and activities granted me an opportunity to stay productive and contribute to healthcare development from the safety of my own home.

I participated in several Cochrane Crowd online screening activities and volunteered for Cochrane Engage tasks to make myself eligible for Membership.

Vinayak Mishra, India
Vinayak Mishra, India

Benefits of Cochrane Membership

  • Recognition - Cochrane Membership is a valuable addition to your résumé or career portfolio. It demonstrates a widely-recognised commitment to evidence-based medicine.
  • Representation - Members form the core of our community and help shape Cochrane’s future. Use your Member’s voting rights in organisational elections and get involved in internal governance and strategy.
  • Personal development - contributing to Cochrane is an opportunity to develop new skills. Members also benefit from a 45% discount when subscribing to Cochrane’s online course on Conducting a Systematic Review and a 10% discount when subscribing to RevMan.
Jacqueline Thompson, UK
Jacqueline Thompson, UK

I became a Cochrane Member by volunteering for tasks posted on Cochrane Engage. This opportunity has helped me collaborate with researchers across the globe and given me access to invaluable training resources.

Become a Cochrane Member

Join Cochrane to begin your journey as a Cochrane Supporter. As you contribute to Cochrane, you earn membership points. You will also learn more about health evidence and gain new skills along the way!

Your Cochrane Membership can be:

  • Points-based and renewable through continued contributions. You will be offered a 1, 3 or 5-year Membership as you hit the points thresholds of 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000 points. Look out for an email asking you to activate your membership.
  • Role-based for people who work for Cochrane.
  • Life or Emeritus Membership for people who have made an outstanding contribution to Cochrane over many years.

As you progress you will earn downloadable badges to recognise your contributions to Cochrane.

Cochrane Supporter
Cochrane Member
Cochrane Staff Member
Staff Member
Cochrane Life Member
Life Member
Cochrane Emeritus Member
Emeritus Member

Every Member must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Membership. This includes confirming that you do not work for a pharmaceutical or medical device company, for conflict of interest reasons.

When I started studying medicine, all my professors and colleagues were talking about the Cochrane Community.

I set myself a clear aim, I will be in the Cochrane Community: a Cochrane Member.

I earned membership by volunteering for tasks on Cochrane Engage. Membership is even greater than I thought, I feel like I am part of a magnificent medical knowledge factory!

Zain Douba, Syrian Arab Republic
Zain Douba, Syrian Arab Republic

Renew your Cochrane Membership

If you contribute to Cochrane on an ongoing basis, your Membership will be renewed automatically.

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Become a supporter
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Contribute to Cochrane
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Become a member
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Ahmed Ozair, India
Ahmad Ozair, India

I obtained and have maintained my Cochrane membership since 2018 by screening over 3500 records on Cochrane Crowd.

As a physician-in-training in India, I value my Cochrane Membership as a demonstration of my personal commitment to evidence-based medicine early on in my academic career.

It also provided me with lower-cost access to Cochrane training in conduction of systematic reviews.


Staff Membership

People who hold certain roles in Cochrane are automatically eligible for Cochrane Membership:

  • Board and Council members
  • Group staff of all Cochrane Groups and Networks
  • Editors of Cochrane Groups
  • Translation Project managers
  • Executive members
  • Methods Group convenors
  • Members of Scientific committees, Handbook editorial teams, Funding Arbiter panel
  • Central Executive Team members

If you work for Cochrane and are not yet a member, please contact

Hebatullah Abdulazeem, Germany
Hebatullah Abdulazeem, Germany

I became a Cochrane Member in 2018.

I have screened records in Cochrane Crowd, contributed through Cochrane Engage and also volunteer as a translator.

As a Cochrane member, you are enjoying the time and the effort you spend as an expert or a citizen scientist in a community with lots of knowledge, learning, support, and success!

Lifetime and Emeritus Membership 

Cochrane’s Governing Board are proud to recognise extraordinary contributions to Cochrane’s success over many years. These special Memberships are awarded to people who are ending their active time with Cochrane. See details of our special Members.

Cochrane values diversity and inclusivity, and our Lifetime and Emeritus Members should reflect the rich diversity of our global community. We welcome nominations for individuals of various geographical locations and genders, and particularly endorse a balanced representation from all around the world. Cochrane Members or Supporters can make a nomination.

Lifetime Membership


To acknowledge individuals at all levels of the organisation who have made an exceptional, long-standing commitment to Cochrane’s work.


  • Served in a Cochrane role for a significant period of time, normally more than 10 years.
  • Made an extraordinary contribution to Cochrane that exceeds the expectations of their role in Cochrane.
  • Held positions of responsibility in the organization, e.g. contributed to committees, governance groups or other initiatives.
  • Embodies Cochrane’s Principles, especially the principle of collaboration.
  • They are stepping down from their Cochrane roles.

Emeritus Membership


To acknowledge individuals who make a significant, long-standing contribution to the leadership of the organization.


  • Served in a significant leadership position in Cochrane, e.g., Co-ordinating Editor, Centre Director, normally for a period of more than 10 years.
  • Made an extraordinary contribution to Cochrane that exceeds the expectations of their role in Cochrane.
  • Embodies Cochrane’s Principles, especially the principle of collaboration.
  • They are stepping down from their Cochrane roles.

In certain circumstances, Emeritus Membership status may be given with an associated title: e.g., Emeritus Co-ordinating Editor, which may come with specific additional acknowledgement (for example, a certificate from the Editor in Chief).