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Cochrane Engage: Be part of a global volunteer community engaged in health evidence work

Are you eager to make a difference in evidence-based health research? Cochrane Engage is the dedicated platform for you. Whether you're new to health research or an experienced professional, this platform offers opportunities to enhance your skills and gain valuable experience, all while contributing to important health evidence tasks.

Why volunteer with Cochrane Engage?

1. Become a Cochrane Member

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Earn 200 Cochrane Membership points for every task you complete on Cochrane Engage! Earning 1000 Cochrane Membership points within 12 months entitles you to Cochrane Membership!



2. Receive a reward for your work

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For every task you complete on Cochrane Engage, you will receive a reward of acknowledgement on the project outcome (such as a published systematic review), authorship on the project outcome and/or payment for your work. Rewards are always stated in task posts.


3. Volunteer using your unique skill set

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You have a unique skill set, so find volunteer tasks that match them! Patients, carers, early career professionals, translators, and researchers can all find volunteer opportunities on this platform!



4. Expand your network

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By applying for and completing tasks on Cochrane Engage, you have the opportunity to network with experts in the global health evidence community. You never know when such contacts will be helpful in the future!



5. Gain experience on real evidence projects

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If you're a newcomer to health evidence, Cochrane Engage offers opportunities to join project teams to gain experience on real-life projects! Look for tasks marked with a green leaf: they are perfect for evidence newcomers.



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I have used Cochrane Engage for developing professional networks with like minded individuals, by contributing to peer review and consumer reviews when needed. Utilize the opportunity - never be shy!

Lenny Vasanthan T

Lenny Vasanthan T, India

I'm very enthusiastic about contributing to better global health evidence and Cochrane Engage has helped me do that! I love that it lets you pick up tasks that interest you and align with your skill set. From experts to beginner citizen scientists, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone! I suggest to anyone wondering how to start or improve their evidence-based medicine skills: Get involved! Collect experience, network, and Cochrane membership points, and feel proud that you are contributing to a world of better health for all people.

Hebatullah Abdulazeem

Hebatullah Abdulazeem, Egypt/Germany

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