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  • Cochrane’s Virtual #CochraneSantiago will be held online from 2-6 December 2019
    We are delighted to announce our plans for Cochrane’s Virtual #CochraneSantiago which will be held online from 2-6 December 2019 and open to ALL Cochrane members and supporters. Cochrane’s annual flagship event brings together the world’s most influential health researchers, scientists, academics, opinion leaders, clinicians, and patients to...
    12 November 2019
  • Cochrane recently supported an AllTrials report updating the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee on rates of clinical trial reporting among universities and NHS trusts.The report, which used data from the EU Trials Tracker, updated the Committee on progress since it wrote to UK universities and NHS trusts in January 2019...
    8 November 2019
  • Marion’s stellar career spans five decades of research, teaching, advocacy work and the publication of countless prize-winning books.
    Professor Marion NestleThis week, Ray ventures into the notoriously complex field of nutrition with special guest, Professor Marion Nestle. Named by Forbes as one of the world's most powerful foodies, Marion’s stellar career spans five decades of research, teaching, advocacy work and the publication of countless prize-winning books.Listen to...
    7 November 2019
  • Cochrane Summer School 2019
    Improving Cochrane evidence uptake in clinical practice is a joint goal of Cochrane Neurological Sciences and Cochrane Italy. They have been making progress with their annual Summer Schools. Over a week they gather young doctors to talk about clinical decision making, evidence-based medicine, and the methodology behind Cochrane Reviews. Visit...
    7 November 2019
  • Cochrane Priority Reviews List: Reviews open to new authors
     The Cochrane Priority Reviews List is a ‘living’ record of Cochrane’s ongoing efforts to identify reviews that are of greatest importance to our stakeholders and are likely to impact significantly on health outcomes worldwide. The list is updated in real time as reviews are published and new titles added.All of the titles on the list below are...
    7 November 2019
  • A report on Saturated Fats and Health by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has recently been published by Public Health England using evidence from the Cochrane Heart Group review, Reduction in saturated fat intake for cardiovascular disease.The report from Public Health England considers the relationship between saturated fats...
    6 November 2019
  • Podcast: Methods to help people quit smoking
    Cochrane podcasts deliver the latest Cochrane evidence in an easy to access audio format, allowing you to stay up to date on newly published reviews wherever you are. Each Cochrane podcast offers a short summary of a recent Cochrane review from the authors themselves. They are brief, allowing everyone from healthcare professionals to patients and...
    4 November 2019
  • Introducing Cochrane’s Dissemination Checklist and Guidance
    Watch our webinar on how to improve your dissemination products and share Cochrane evidence more effectivelyKnowledge Translation (KT) in Cochrane is delighted to announce the launch of its Dissemination Checklist - a new resource that can improve the quality, consistency and translatability of dissemination products that present findings of a...
    4 November 2019
  • Wearing Cochrane evidence: a personal story of impact
    Rebecca Selby, a mum of four, shares how a Cochrane Review impacted her family.
    When I unexpectedly went into premature labour with our second son at a little under 32 weeks' gestation, I was given steroid injections to give his lungs the best possible chance in the outside world. George spent almost a month in intensive care when he was born...
    1 November 2019
  • Cochrane Colloquium
    Due to widespread violence and civil unrest in Santiago, Chile, this year’s Cochrane’s Colloquium was cancelled on Sunday 20 October 2019.Our annual event would have featured a four-day wide-reaching scientific programme entitled ‘Embracing Diversity’ as well as a Gala Dinner open to all delegates on Thursday 24th October. Due to the cancellation...
    31 October 2019
  • David reflects on past, present and future and shares some of the challenges of leading one of the world’s largest and most trusted health research network
    Editor in Chief, Cochrane LibraryAfter ten years at the helm of the Cochrane Library, Dr David Tovey recently stepped down as Editor-in-Chief. This week he joins Ray to reflect on Cochrane’s past, present and future and share some of the challenges and rewards of leading one of the world’s largest and most trusted health research networks.Listen...
    31 October 2019
  • Virtual #CochraneSantiago
    Dear Cochrane community,Last week the unprecedented situation of civil unrest across Santiago led to the cancellation of the physical gathering of Cochrane's annual Colloquium. Whilst it has caused huge disappointment and inconvenience for hundreds of Colloquium delegates, we have been impressed by the generosity and perseverance to make the most...
    28 October 2019
  • In June 2019, a test used to detect tuberculosis, was updated. The lead author, sets the scene and tells us what the review found.
    Most Cochrane Reviews look at the effects of interventions on health, but a growing number provide evidence on how to diagnose a disease. In June 2019, one of these, on a test used to detect tuberculosis, was updated. The lead author, David Horne from the University of Washington in Seattle in the USA, sets the scene and tells us what the review...
    28 October 2019
  • This title is given in special recognition of David’s distinguished service as Cochrane’s first Editor-in-Chief, 2009-2019.
    At its recent meeting in Santiago, Cochrane’s Governing Board has awarded Dr. David Tovey the title “Emeritus Editor-in-Chief.” This title is given in special recognition of David’s distinguished service as Cochrane’s first Editor-in-Chief of the Cochrane Library, 2009-2019. David stepped down from the role at the end of May 2019 following ten...
    25 October 2019
  • Cochrane advocates for clinical trial transparency at EU Parliament event
    Cochrane recently joined policymakers, civil society organizations and academics at the European Parliament for a roundtable event on clinical trial transparency.Under the European Commission’s Clinical Trial Regulation, which came into force in July 2014, trial sponsors must post summary results within one year of a study ending, or six months...
    25 October 2019
  • Job type: Fixed-term for 1 yearWorking hours: Full time, 80% FTE considered on requestSalary: £29,176
    Location: Liverpool, UKApplication deadline: 24 November 2019, 23:45

    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's department of Clinical Sciences has an exciting opportunity for a Research Assistant to join the team working as part of...
    25 October 2019
  • The Recommended Dose podcast: Liam Mannix
    National Science Editor, The AgeOur latest series kicks off with Australia’s multi-award-winning health and science reporter, Liam Mannix. He joins Ray to share his insights into the role and impact of evidence, advocacy and investigative reporting in today’s ever-changing media landscape.Listen to Recommended Dose podcasts on SoundCloud, iTunes,...
    25 October 2019
  • Science Vs. Podcast features Cochrane evidence on 'Exercise: Fat Buster or Belly Flop?' episode
    Lots of people hit the gym to shed unwanted pounds, but they don’t always see results on the scale.Obesity expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, psychiatrist Dr. Gary Cooney, neuroscientist Prof. Wendy Suzuki, and urologist Dr. Stacey Kenfield tackle the power of exercise and why you should bother. Best quote of the podcast: 'We here at Science Vs we LOVE...
    24 October 2019
  • Cochrane Colloquium
    At the close of its meeting today, Cochrane’s Governing Board extended its grateful thanks to Gabriel Rada, the Local Organizing Team at Cochrane Chile, Cochrane Iberoamerica, and support from Cochrane’s Central Executive Team for their outstanding work in preparing for the 2019 Santiago Colloquium.The Board and Senior Management Team share...
    22 October 2019
  • Cochrane seeks - Business Analyst (Maternity Cover), Fixed Term, up to 12 months
    Specifications: Fixed Term, up to 12 months
    Salary: £35,000
    Location: London
    Application Closing Date: 11th November 2019 at Midnight GMTThis role is an exciting opportunity to use your experience as a Business Analyst to make a difference in the field of health care research. 

    As the Business Analyst (BA) you will...
    22 October 2019


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