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  • Emory medical students visually explain Cochrane COVID-19 evidence
    When residency education was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emory University School of Medicine capitalized on student enthusiasm and availability to create COVID-19 education materials. Working closely with Cochrane, they are now summarizing top priority COVID-19 rapid reviews in visual form. The project, known as the “COVID-19 Visual...
    30 Październik 2020
  • Travel-related control measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic
     Can travel-related control measures contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic? UPDATED 30 Nov with a new visual abstract What are travel-related control measures? To contain the spread of COVID-19, numerous countries have implemented control measures related to international travel. These include: complete closure of borders (i.e. a total ban...
    30 Październik 2020
  • Cochrane's Early Career Professionals Cochrane Group
    The Early Career Professionals group aims to provide its members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise by providing a platform for international networking with early career professionals or other members in the Cochrane community. Though there is no one single definition of an ‘Early Career Professional/Researcher...
    30 Październik 2020
  • Clinician wearing PPE with patient in a hospital setting
    Cochrane has released a new Special Collection Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to clinical rehabilitation. This Special Collection is one of a series of collections on COVID-19, and will be regularly updated. Rehabilitation has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an essential health strategy, alongside promotion,...
    29 Październik 2020
  • Specifications: Full Time, Permanent  £30,000 London (preferably), Freiburg or Copenhagen Application Closing Date: 8 November 2020 (Midnight)
    Specifications: Full Time, Permanent  
    Salary: £30,000
    Location: London (preferably), Freiburg or Copenhagen
    Application Closing Date: 8 November 2020 (At Midnight) This role is an exciting opportunity to use your experience as a Project Support Officer to make a difference in the field of health care research.  

    29 Październik 2020
  • The Cochrane Library
    The Cochrane Library App presents the latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy to navigate format which provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it, from the world’s leading experts in evidence-informed health care. All content in the app is free and new issues will download regularly....
    29 Październik 2020
  •  Review question  This review aimed to gather evidence for the use of any physical activity intervention for people with congenital heart disease. The authors of this review aimed to compare interventions including exercise training, physical activity promotion or lung training with no intervention (usual care).  Background  Congenital heart...
    28 Październik 2020
  • Different People, Men and Women, Head profiles pattern
    Migrants who have been forced to leave their home, such as refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons (IDP), are likely to experience stressors which may lead to mental health problems. The efficacy of interventions for mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment may differ in this population. A recent systematic review from...
    28 Październik 2020
  • Cochrane CEO Mark Wilson and members of Cochrane Malaysia stand together for a photo
    Cochrane is delighted to announce that the Cochrane Library is now freely available to health decision-makers across Malaysia. Thanks to the successful partnership between Cochrane Malaysia, Wiley, and researchers from the National Institutes of Health within the Malaysian Ministry of Health, the world-renowned Cochrane Library launches across the...
    28 Październik 2020
  • Headshot of Dr. Peter Tugwell
    The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Barer-Flood Prize recognizes an exceptional researcher who has created a seminal body of work that has had a substantial impact on health services and policy research, policy, and/or care delivery. Dr. Peter Tugwell is a Professor at the University of Ottawa in the Faculty of Medicine and the...
    27 Październik 2020
  • Joining an Instagram Live
    To mark the recent World Evidence-based Healthcare Day, Registered Nurse Penny Blunden (BN, MNursAP) spoke to her 21,000 followers on @Sick.Happens in an Instagram Live about Cochrane work and the importance of good quality evidence. This chat was aimed about parents interested in health evidence – we caught up with her to ask her more. Hi Penny...
    27 Październik 2020
  • Updated review: How effective is quarantine alone or in combination with other public health measures to control coronavirus (COVID-19)?
    Cochrane has published an update to the Rapid Review assessing the effectiveness of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic UPDATED 27 Oct with a new visual abstract

    The updated review summarizes evidence available from studies that show how quarantine affects the spread of COVID-19. The studies included in the review consistently...
    27 Październik 2020
  • Specifications: Full Time, Permanent   Salary: circa £55,000 p.a. Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Application Closing Date: Monday 9 November 2020
    Specifications: Full Time, Permanent  
    Salary: circa £55,000 p.a.
    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Application Closing Date: Monday 9 November 2020

    Are you passionate about quality software? Do you have a drive to make a difference for health care world-wide? We are a global, independent organization that strives to inform...
    26 Październik 2020
  • Readable,  clinically-focused, actionable answers to inform point-of-care decision-making for health professionals.
    Readable, clinically-focused, actionable answers to inform point-of-care decision-making for health professionals.  Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs) provide a readable, digestible, clinically-focused entry point to rigorous research from Cochrane Reviews. They are designed to be actionable and to inform point-of-care decision-making. Each CCA...
    26 Październik 2020
  • Image of red coronavirus
    As part of the inaugural World Evidence Based Healthcare Day on Tuesday 20 October, 2020, Cochrane hosted an online panel session with Dr. Karla Soares-Weiser, Editor in Chief of the Cochrane Library, Dr. John Grove, Director of the Quality Assurance, Norms and Standards Department within the World Health Organization (WHO) Science Division, and...
    21 Październik 2020
  • an Asian woman lies on an operating table and a physician puts a breathing mask over her face
    Which medicines work best to stop people from being sick (vomiting) after an operation? Why are people sick after an operation? Feeling sick (nausea) or being sick (vomiting) is a common unwanted effect of general anaesthesia—medicine that makes people unconscious and unresponsive so they don't move or feel pain during an operation. Most unwanted...
    20 Październik 2020
  • A large group of Cochrane Rehab members look up at an overhead camera
    Cochrane Rehabilitation has received an award from AMLAR (America Latina Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Association) and the University of Antioquia's Evidence Based Medicine Group for blogshot translations in Spanish.  Cochrane Rehabilitation, one of 13 Cochrane Fields, has been producing blogshots for all new Cochrane Reviews published in...
    16 Październik 2020
  • African woman types on a laptop computer at home while smiling at the screen
    Cochrane Crowd is pleased to launch its latest citizen science task: COVID Quest. We need your help to find studies related to COVID-19. Anyone can join this task. To join, simply head over to Cochrane Crowd and once logged in, you will see the task in your task dashboard. The task is supported by an interactive training module that will guide you...
    16 Październik 2020
  • Special Collection: In vitro fertilisation – effectiveness of add-ons
    Special Collection: In vitro fertilisation - effectiveness of add-ons  Infertility affects as many as 1 in 7 couples. Many of these people turn to fertility treatments for help. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is generally considered the most advanced treatment option, and is recommended in many cases, regardless of the cause of subfertility....
    16 Październik 2020
  • Doing a medical check
    The inaugural World Evidence-based Healthcare (EBHC) Day will be held on 20 October 2020 and spotlights the global impact of EBHC on health research, policy, practice and patient outcomes. This year’s theme is ‘from evidence to impact’. Cochrane and six global leaders in evidence-based healthcare, led by JBI, are coordinating the worldwide...
    16 Październik 2020


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