GES to showcase poster and presentation templates that enhance accessibility and clarity

Talking by a poster

Cochrane, JBI, Guidelines International Network (GIN), and The Campbell Collaboration are set to host the second Global Evidence Summit (GES) in the historic city of Prague from 10 to 13 September 2024. This summit will bring together professionals from various sectors, including health, education, social justice, environment, and climate change, to discuss and inform policy and practice through evidence. Registration is still open.

With approximately 70 long oral presentations, 456 short oral presentations, 60 workshops, 25 special sessions, and 1000+ posters accepted this year, they will be a cornerstone of the GES programme, facilitating deep exploration of topics and encouraging future collaborations. Emphasising accessible presentations and posters aims to enhance knowledge transfer, particularly for non-native English speakers and individuals facing challenges related to disabilities or neurodivergence.

Free GES templates

This year, GES introduces innovative poster and PowerPoint presentation designs based on the work of a diverse team from IPG Health (Emily Messina, James Wells, Noofa Hannan, and Anja Petersen), Zen Faulkes, author of Better Posters, and Mike Morrison, the psychologist behind the viral #BetterPoster movement. These templates incorporate the latest research in instructional design, accessibility, and eye tracking. Tested at the Cochrane Colloquium 2023, the poster templates received positive feedback for improving engagement and communication. Attendees found the posters with large figures and minimal text to be more engaging, memorable, and easier to understand.

Mike Morrison commented on the initiative, saying, "These poster and presentation templates are a significant step towards making scientific communication more insightful for attendees, more impactful for presenters, and more accessible to everyone. We know from several studies — including 'real world' testing at last year's Cochrane colloquium — that these templates make a difference, and I am excited to see their reach expand further at the GES."

Cochrane CEO Catherine Spencer added, "We are thrilled to adopt these templates at the Global Evidence Summit. This initiative underscores Cochrane's commitment to enhancing the dissemination of evidence and fostering impactful discussions. We believe these evidenced-based templates will significantly improve the experience for all participants." Cochrane members are reminded that they can request Cochrane group logos from, colour codes for groups are on page 81 of the brand guidelines, and there is picture selection guidance available.

Everyone is encouraged to download and adapt the free poster and presentation templates for their own use, whether presenting at the GES or any other academic event.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024