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  • Cochrane Back and Neck Reviews abracts receive high praise in recent study
    A recent study comparing low back pain systematic review abstracts to their full text was published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Looking at 66 systematic reviews researchers found that 80% of abstracts presented spin and inconsistencies when compared to their full text. Nine of the systematic reviews investigated...
    10 Wrzesień 2019
  • #SantiagoColloquium - Let's get social!
    We are looking for content creator volunteers who would like to help share the work of Cochrane and extend our annual scientific conference materials and discussion beyond attendees to their social media followers. Cochrane Chile is hosting Cochrane’s Colloquium in Santiago, October 22-25, 2019. Cochrane’s Colloquium is an annual, global health...
    9 Wrzesień 2019
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Awareness Month
    September is  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Awareness Month and is an excellent time to focus on the latest Cochrane evidence.Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a very common condition affecting 8% to 13% of women. Being overweight worsens all clinical features of PCOS. These clinical features include reproductive issues such as reduced frequency of...
    6 Wrzesień 2019
  • Come chat to us, get your questions answered, and learn more about Cochrane!
    The Cochrane Community Exhibition Stand has traditionally been a hub of activity and a gathering point for both members, staff, and for those new to Cochrane. Come chat to us, get your questions answered, and learn more about Cochrane! Our annual event, the Cochrane Colloquium, brings together members of the community, staff, and newcomers to...
    30 Sierpień 2019
  • A new special series of blogs and other resources from Cochrane UK
    Throughout August, the Cochrane UK team are running a new special series; ‘Maternity Matters’.
    Maternity Matters is series of blogs and other resources, including graphics and podcasts, sharing some of the latest evidence on women's and babies' health, from pregnancy through to the early days after birth. The series focuses on NHS priorities...
    29 Sierpień 2019
  • Podcast: The Skeptics' Guide to EM talks about Cochrane and Acute and Emergency Care Network
    The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM)  is a podcast with over 40,000 subscribers and is translated into four other languages. It is  open access with the goal of providing the most valid, reliable, and unbiased global source of currently clinically-relevant patient-centered emergency medicine information.Recently SGEM talked to Dr....
    28 Sierpień 2019
    In this article, lead author Dr Gareth Hollands from the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge, summarizes some of the key messages from 'Altering the availability or proximity of food, alcohol, and tobacco products to change their selection and consumption'  published by Cochrane Public Health.Would you be less likely to buy...
    27 Sierpień 2019
  • Cochrane urges the FDA to make CSRs publicly available
    This post was originally posted on the Cochrane Methods websiteIn January 2018, the FDA announced a pilot aimed at enhancing the transparency of the Agency's drug approval process and decisions. As part of the pilot, sponsors of up to nine drug applications to the FDA were asked, on a voluntary basis, if they would approve the public release of...
    22 Sierpień 2019
  • The ‘living guidelines approach’ uses a combination of ongoing literature surveillance to inform prioritization, rapid appraisal of the potential impacts of new evidence on recommendations and accelerated updating of high-priority Cochrane systematic reviews for high-priority questions.
     An article highlighting an innovative approach developed by WHO and Cochrane to ensure that global recommendations on maternal and perinatal health are up to date was recently published in BMJ Global Health.The Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group has a long-standing collaboration with WHO on the development and updating of Cochrane reviews...
    19 Sierpień 2019
  •  Watch films that introduce the teams, what has happened so far, and the ambitions for what is to come
    Cochrane has created eight new Networks of Cochrane Review Groups responsible for the efficient and timely production of high-quality systematic reviews that address the research questions that are most important to decision makers.These films introduce the teams, what has happened so far, and the ambitions for what is to come.In these short films...
    14 Sierpień 2019


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