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  • A woman of color works at a computer on the desk in front of her
    Keen to get experience with systematic reviews, but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re already experienced, and want to help out? Can you help with translation work, or would you like to find collaborators for your evidence synthesis project? 
    TaskExchange is an online platform that connects people needing help with their systematic...
    26 년 2월 2021
  • Do patients manage their health care better if they can access their electronic health records?
    What are electronic health records?
    Healthcare providers maintain health-related information about a patient in an electronic health record, which is held in a digital
    form and is accessed by a computer. Healthcare professionals use these records to access all health-related information for a patient's
    care, whenever and wherever...
    26 년 2월 2021
  •  Iain Crossingham, Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician.
    In this short interview, author Iain Crossingham, Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician, tells us more about this review and the treatment of airways diseases. Tell us about this Cochrane Review
    This is an interesting time for the treatment of airways diseases. Traditionally we've thought of these as coming under two main headings...
    25 년 2월 2021
  • Emory medical students visually explain Cochrane evidence
    When residency education was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emory University School of Medicine capitalized on student enthusiasm and availability to create COVID-19 education materials. Working closely with Cochrane, they are now summarizing top priority Cochrane Reviews in visual form. The project involves students being alerted when a...
    25 년 2월 2021
  • Cochrane health evidence in different languages
    Only about 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers, and 75% of people don’t speak English at all. Many people do not have access to high quality health information, because it is not available in a language that they understand. We translate Cochrane evidence to make it more accessible, and to reduce the linguistic barrier to...
    24 년 2월 2021
  • Headphones on laptop
    23 년 2월 2021
  • Cochrane Logo
    COVID-19 - resources and news Covid-19 Podcasts Cochrane vs COVId-19 case studies Let's get social - see Cochrane social media platforms and learn how you can earn Membership points  Cochrane Crowd - citizen scientist platform Cochrane Early Career Professional group - upcoming events Cochrane International Mobility Programme - vitural and in-...
    23 년 2월 2021
  • Temp measure
    An updated systematic review from Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group  published today; 'Signs and symptoms to determine if a patient presenting in primary care or hospital outpatient settings has COVID-19 disease'. Can symptoms and medical examination accurately diagnose COVID-19? COVID-19 affects many organs of the body, so people with COVID-19...
    23 년 2월 2021
  • Diverse group of women
    International Women's Day is March 8th! Join us as we discuss and highlight minority women and young investigators working in health science and evidence synthesis. Hear about their career paths, who has inspired them, and what advice they have for other women interested in or working in health evidence synthesis.  Learn about Cochrane’s role in...
    22 년 2월 2021
  • White Cochrane logo on purple background, below which says #MyCochraneStory
    Cochrane's strength is in its collaborative, global community.  Our 100,000+ members and supporters from more than 130 countries work together to produce credible, accessible health information and help inform health decision making. Though we are spread out across the globe, our shared passion for health evidence unites us.  We want to come...
    22 년 2월 2021
  • Person working from home on laptop
    Specifications: Full Time Maternity cover (Secondment/Consultancy role)
    Salary: competitive
    Location: Flexible
    Application Closing Date:  7 March 2021 This role is an exciting opportunity to use your experience in the Events and Brand Support Officer role to make a difference in the field of health care research.   Knowledge...
    19 년 2월 2021
  • Someone at home looking up health evidence on laptop
    We all wish we were at least a little scientifically literate, so we can become competent enough to spot what is evidence based. Whether it's a chat over the fence with a neighbour or something you spot on social media, it's hard to know how to assess the quality of health claims. For many people  accessing health claims isn't something they've ...
    19 년 2월 2021
  • 18 년 2월 2021
  • Looking at the news on a phone with a laptop in the background
    Cochrane is pleased to join other organisations and individuals in signing a World Health Organization (WHO) call for action about managing infodemics.

    WHO defines an infodemic as “overabundance of information – some accurate and some not – that occurs during an epidemic. It can lead to confusion and ultimately mistrust in governments...
    18 년 2월 2021
  • Cochrane Logo
    The Cochrane review about antenatal steroids for reducing risk of infant mortality and morbidity is an important one in Cochrane's history. Cochrane's logo is based on the forest plot from an early version of this review dating back to 1982. This review has recently been updated and lead author, Fiona Stewart, tells us how the logo might look now...
    18 년 2월 2021
  • What are systematic reviews?
     "What are systematic reviews?" Thanks to a team of creative colleagues from Cochrane Consumers and Communication, we’re pleased to share a video resource which answers this question clearly and simply for people who may not be familiar with the concept of systematic reviews: what they are, how researchers prepare them, and why they’re an...
    18 년 2월 2021
  • Cochrane is made up of 11,000 members and over 67,000 supporters come from more than 130 countries, worldwide. Our volunteers and contributors are researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, people passionate about improving health outcomes for everyone, everywhere. Getting involved in Cochrane’s work means becoming part of a global...
    17 년 2월 2021
  • The Cochrane Library
    The Cochrane Library App presents the latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy to navigate format which provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it, from the world’s leading experts in evidence-informed health care. All content in the app is free and new issues will download regularly....
    15 년 2월 2021
  • chloroquine hydroxychloroquine COVID-19
    COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. If the infection becomes severe, people may need intensive care and support in hospital, including mechanical ventilation.

    Drugs used for other diseases were tried out in COVID-19, and this included chloroquine, used for malaria; and...
    12 년 2월 2021
  • Headphones
    11 년 2월 2021

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