Cochrane France vs COVID-19: Mapping ‘real-time’ evidence about COVID-19

Many faces of clocks

Decision-makers are making decisions about COVID-19 that affect the health of millions of people. Researchers have been quick to do studies about COVID-19, but it can be difficult to stay up to date. Cochrane France wanted to bring together the global evidence about preventing, treating and rehabilitating people with COVID-19 regularly and in one place, so they collaborated on the COVID-NMA initiative.

The COVID-NMA initiative has three overarching parts:

  1. Mapping randomized controlled trials about the effectiveness of interventions for preventing and treating COVID-19 and assessing vaccines.
  2. Living evidence syntheses of the effectiveness of treatments for COVID-19.
  3. Recording data about the quality and transparency of the study designs.

Read more details about these parts of the initiative, and what this collaboration has been able to achieve and impact through this work in this  short case story.

Friday, January 8, 2021