Strategy to 2020

Strategy to 2020

How we do this

Strategy to 2020 aims to put Cochrane evidence at the heart of health decision-making all over the world.

It defines how we intend to accomplish this and provides a framework for Cochrane's future decision-making, helping us respond to the strategic opportunities and challenges that we face in the next decade and beyond. It is the result of a collaborative process undertaken by our global network of contributors; and represents the collective vision of the organization to 2020 that relies on those contributors to ensure its success.

Strategy to 2020 aims to achieve four key Goals: structured as three interlocking areas of equal focus and priority (Goals 1-3), underpinned by a fourth foundational area (Goal 4) designed to strengthen the organization and support our mission:

GOAL 1: Producing evidence

To produce high-quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews, and other synthesized research evidence to inform health decision making.

GOAL 2: Making our evidence accessible

To make Cochrane evidence accessible and useful to everybody, everywhere in the world.

GOAL 3: Advocating for evidence

To make Cochrane the ‘home of evidence' to inform health decision making, build greater recognition of our work, and become the leading advocate for evidence-informed health care.

GOAL 4: Building an effective sustainable organization

To be a diverse, inclusive, and transparent international organization that effectively harnesses the enthusiasm and skills of our contributors, is guided by our principles, governed accountably, managed efficiently, and makes optimal use of its resources.

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2018 Targets

Cochrane's Governing Board approves annual targets for delivery by the Cochrane community and Central Executive Team in support of Strategy to 2020.

Together the Central Executive Team and Cochrane community will:

  1. Form eight new Review Group Networks, and begin implementation of Network plans and improved ways of working together.
  2. Complete the new standardized technology workflow for Cochrane Review production.
  3. Agree Cochrane's future priority review types, methods, and data sources through the development of a 'content strategy', and begin associated implementation activities.
  4. Deliver more features and enhancements of the Cochrane Library after its re-launch.
  5. Build capacity and engagement in Knowledge Translation activities across the organization.

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How will we define success?

Cochrane has developed a document that provides the wider Cochrane community, and all of Cochrane’s external stakeholders, with a definition of success for each of the Strategy to 2020 Objectives; an assessment of predicted progress by the end of 2018; and a framework for establishing the work remaining to be done to reach that definition of success. The document is intended to be relevant until 2020, but developed and updated as work is completed and the organization adapts to new circumstances. It's an update of the version published in 2017.

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