Our policies and positions

Our policies

Our policies

Cochrane has developed comprehensive resources to address issues relevant to editorial and organizational policy.

Organizational policy information relevant to the core Cochrane community is available on the Community website.

Our Open Access policy

Our Open Access policy

Open Access (OA) is a concept about making online research outputs free of restrictions on access and free of many restrictions on use.

“We're enormously proud of the Open Access offering that we've established over the last five years, which will make an ever-larger proportion of Cochrane Reviews universally accessible in the future. We plan to review our Open Access policy regularly after 2020 with our publishing partners to ensure we balance Cochrane's financial viability with our long-term goal of providing immediate free access to Cochrane Reviews for the whole world.”
Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Cochrane

Since 2013, Cochrane is proud to have:

  • Provided free access to new and updated Cochrane Reviews for all readers worldwide 12 months after publication, under our 'green' Open Access scheme. Over half of all Cochrane Reviews are now available this way. All green Open Access Cochrane Reviews are available in the Cochrane Library and deposited in PubMed Central.
  • Provided Cochrane author teams with the option to pay an Article Publication Charge to make their new and updated reviews freely available worldwide on publication, and to take up other benefits of a Creative Commons licence, via a 'gold' Open Access option. Gold open access articles will normally be deposited automatically in PubMed Central, and other repositories as determined by funder mandates.
  • Made all Abstracts and Protocols free to access immediately upon publication, as well as Plain Language Summaries, which describe the findings from reviews in everyday language.
  • We have several access programmes, including national provision funded access which enables all residents of a country to gain immediate access to the Cochrane Library as well as  philanthropic access which together cover over 100 countries and over 3.66 billion people.

We're also thinking about the wider definition of accessibility and are making significant investments in improving the design and usability of our evidence for health decision-making. Find out more about our Knowledge Translation work, here.

Nevertheless, we want to do more. Our Strategy to 2020 aims to put Cochrane evidence at the heart of health decision-making all over the world by making it accessible and useful to everybody. Our long-term ambition beyond 2020 is to achieve universal Open Access to Cochrane Reviews immediately upon publication for both new and updated reviews, and the archive of existing published reviews, when we can balance this with long-term financial sustainability for Cochrane.

To accomplish this, we're working hard with our partners and the Cochrane Library's publisher to add new features and content to the Cochrane Library so that it continues to offer great value to those who subscribe to it.
For more information on access options to the Cochrane Library, please visit cochranelibrary.com.

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