Adding indoor residual spraying in communities using insecticide-treated nets for the prevention of malaria
Adding iodine to foods, other than salt, to prevent diseases caused by inadequate iodine intake
Adding ketamine to opioid for opioid-resistant cancer pain
Adding lamotrigine for drug-resistant partial epilepsy
Adding plerixafor to G-CSF for stem cell mobilisation for autologous transplantation in people with certain cancers of the blood
Adding ribavirin to interferon increases the number of patients who clear hepatitis C virus but also leads to several adverse reactions
Adding taxane-based chemotherapy to androgen deprivation therapy for the treatment of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
Adding the amino acid tyrosine to the diet of people with phenylketonuria
Addition of d-cycloserine to cognitive and behavioural therapies for the treatment of anxiety and related disorders
Addition of drugs to a chemotherapy regimen for metastatic breast cancer
Addition of hyaluronidase to local anaesthetic eye blocks to reduce pain during eye surgery in adults.
Addition of intravenous beta2-agonists to inhaled beta2-agonists for acute asthma
Addition of long-acting beta2-agonists to inhaled corticosteroids for chronic asthma in children
Additional bedtime medication for the control of night-time acid reflux from the stomach.
Additional chemotherapy with doxorubicin marginally improves tumour response but increases side effects with no improvement in survival
Additional exercise therapy for the recovery of function after stroke
Additional oxygen in the treatment of cystic fibrosis
Additional, non-surgical treatments for accelerating tooth movement in dental patients being treated with fixed braces
Addressing the gap in knowledge on chronic pain in childhood
Adefovir dipivoxil for adults with lamivudine-resistant chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Adefovir dipivoxil for chronic hepatitis B
Adefovir dipivoxil for chronic hepatitis B
Adefovir dipivoxil versus other antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis B
Adenoidectomy for recurrent of chronic nasal symptoms in children
Adenoidectomy for recurrent or chronic middle ear disease in children
Adenosine A2A receptor antagonist istradefylline for levodopa-induced complications in Parkinson's disease
Adenosine versus intravenous calcium channel antagonists for tachycardia in adults
Adenosine-diphosphate (ADP) receptor antagonists for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Adenotonsillectomy for obstructive sleep apnoea in children
Adherence compounds in embryo transfer media for assisted reproductive technologies
Adhesive restorations for the treatment of dental non-carious cervical lesions
Adhesively or non-adhesively bonded amalgam restorations for dental caries
Adhesives for bonded molar tubes during fixed brace treatment
Adhesives for fixed orthodontic bands
Adhesives for fixed orthodontic brackets
Adjunctive antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for treating periodontal and peri-implant diseases
Adjunctive antioxidants for bipolar disorder
Adjunctive antithyroid drugs in radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism
Adjunctive bile acid sequestrant therapy for hyperthyroidism in adults
Adjunctive corticosteroids for Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in patients with HIV infection
Adjunctive medical expulsive therapy for kidney and ureteral stone fragments following shock wave lithotripsy
Adjunctive Peony-Glycyrrhiza Decoction for antipsychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia
Adjunctive steroid therapy for managing pulmonary tuberculosis
Adjunctive systemic antimicrobials for the non-surgical treatment of chronic and aggressive periodontitis
Adjunctive therapies in addition to land-based exercise therapy for osteoarthritis of the hip or knee
Adjustable versus non-adjustable sutures for strabismus (squint) surgery
Adjusted doses of oral misoprostol for treating slow progress in labour
Adjusted indirect comparison for estimating relative effects of competing healthcare interventions
Adjusting the pH of lidocaine solution for reducing pain on injection
Adjustment of antimicrobial agents for adults with sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock
Adjuvant (supplementary treatment after initial treatment) platinum-based anti-cancer drugs for early stage cervical cancer
Adjuvant anti-VEGF therapy for overall survival and relapse-free survival in patients with resected non-metastatic colorectal cancer
Adjuvant chemotherapy for small intestine adenocarcinoma
Adjuvant radiotherapy after surgery for vulval cancer
Adjuvant radiotherapy for stage I endometrial cancer
Adjuvant therapy for completely resected stage II colon cancer
Adjuvant therapy for resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Adjuvant therapy for resected pancreatic cancer
Adjuvant treatment after hysterectomy for uterine leiomyosarcoma
Administering antimalarial drugs to prevent malaria in children during the malaria transmission season
Administering antimalarial drugs to prevent malaria in infants
Administration of antibiotic prophylaxis for elective inguinal hernia repair cannot be universally recommended.
Administration of antimalarial drugs to whole populations
Administration of prostaglandins to pregnant women before caesarean section to prevent breathing difficulties in newborn babies
Administration of uterotonic drugs before and after placental delivery as part of the management of the third stage of labour following vaginal birth
Admission tests other than cardiotocography for fetal assessment during labour
Adrenaline and vasopressin for cardiac arrest
Adrenaline auto-injectors for the treatment of anaphylaxis in the community
Adrenaline for prevention of morbidity and mortality in preterm infants with cardiovascular compromise
Adrenaline for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis
Adrenergic drugs for urinary incontinence in adults
Adrenocorticotropic hormone for acute gout
Adult patient access to electronic health records
Advance care planning for adults with heart failure
Advance care planning for end-of-life care
Advance care planning for end-stage kidney disease
Advance care planning for haemodialysis patients
Advance distribution of misoprostol for preventing and treating excessive blood loss after birth
Advance treatment directives for people with severe mental illness
Advanced glycation end product (AGE) inhibitors for preventing the progression of diabetic kidney disease
Advanced management services for transient ischaemic attacks and minor stroke
Advanced sperm selection techniques for assisted reproduction
Advanced training in trauma life support for ambulance crews
Advanced training in trauma life support for hospital staff
Advantages and problems of a specific nerve block in adults undergoing knee surgery
Adverse effects of immunotherapies for multiple sclerosis: a network meta-analysis
Adverse effects on the liver after treatment for childhood cancer
Adverse events after single doses of oral analgesics for acute pain after operation in adults
Adverse events in patients taking cephalosporins versus placebo for any indication
Adverse events in people taking macrolide antibiotics
Adverse gastrointestinal effects of COX-2 Inhibitors for inflammatory diseases
Adverse side effects of dexamethasone when administered to adult patients undergoing surgery
Advice on diet for malnutrition as a result of disease in adults
Advice on material handling techniques and using assistive devices to prevent and treat back pain in workers
Advice to rest in bed versus advice to stay active for acute low-back pain and sciatica
Advice to stay active as a single treatment for low-back pain and sciatica
Advising patients to increase fluid intake for treating acute respiratory infections
Advocacy interventions to help women who experience intimate partner abuse to access community resources
Aerobic exercise for adults living with HIV/AIDS
Aerobic exercise for adults with fibromyalgia
Aerobic exercise for women during pregnancy
Aerobic exercise to improve cognitive function in older people without known cognitive impairment
Aerobic exercise training programmes for adults with Down syndrome
Aerobic training for McArdle disease
Aerosolised antibiotics for the management of healthcare-associated pneumonia (HCAP) and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)
Aerosolized diuretics for preterm infants with (or developing) chronic lung disease
Aerosols of prostacyclin for management of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Aflibercept for neovascular age-related macular degeneration
Agents for inhibiting the adhesion of red blood cells to the endothelium in people with sickle cell disease
Agents that prevent the development of abdominal adhesions following surgery: an overview of Cochrane reviews
Agitation in children after sevoflurane anaesthesia
Agomelatine versus other antidepressant medication for depression
Agricultural and nutritional educational interventions for reducing aflatoxin exposure to improve infant and child growth in low- and middle-income countries
Aids for mechanical cleaning of teeth with fixed braces
Aiming for blood pressure targets lower than 140/90 mmHg is not beneficial
Air versus oxygen for resuscitation of infants at birth
Air versus saline in the loss of resistance technique for identification of the epidural space
Airway clearance techniques for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Airway clearance techniques for cystic fibrosis: an overview of Cochrane Reviews
Airway clearance techniques in bronchiectasis
Airway suctioning for newborn infants at birth
Alarm interventions for nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children
Albendazole alone or in combination with microfilaricidal drugs for lymphatic filariasis
Albumin infusion for low serum albumin in preterm newborn infants
Alcohol and drug screening for preventing injury among people whose job involves driving
Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing work-related injury
Alcohol ignition interlocks may stop repeat drink driving offences, but only as long as they are still fitted
Alcohol intake reduction for controlling hypertension
Alcohol, with or without antiseptic, for preparing the skin before blood collection to prevent bacteraemia or contamination of blood for transfusion.
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is self-help group, organised through an international organization of recovering alcoholics, that offers emotional support and a model of abstinence for people recovering from alcohol dependence using a 12-step approach.
Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs for alcohol use disorder
Aldose reductase inhibitors for the prevention and treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Aldose reductase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy
Aldosterone antagonists for people with chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis
Aldosterone antagonists for preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease
Alemtuzumab for multiple sclerosis
Alemtuzumab, a humanised monoclonal antibody, as possible alternative therapy to interferon beta 1a in people with RRMS
Alendronate for preventing fractures caused by osteoporosis in postmenopausal women
Alexander technique for chronic asthma
Alfuzosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia
Alginate dressings for donor sites of split-thickness skin grafts
Alginate dressings for healing foot ulcers in people with diabetes mellitus
Alginate dressings for treating pressure ulcers
Alginate dressings for venous leg ulcers
Algorithm-based pain management for people with dementia in nursing homes
Alkylating agents for Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia
Allergen immunotherapy for the treatment of chronic asthma
Allergen injection immunotherapy for perennial allergic rhinitis
Allied health professional-led interventions for improving control of blood pressure in patients with hypertension
Allograft versus autograft for reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament rupture in adults
Allopurinol and related drugs for schizophrenia
Allopurinol for chronic gout
Allopurinol for chronic prostatitis
Allopurinol for preventing mortality and morbidity in newborn infants with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy
Allopurinol for women in pregnancy for neuroprotection of the fetus
Almitrine-Raubasine combination for dementia
Aloe vera for prevention and treatment of infusion phlebitis
Aloe vera for treating acute and chronic wounds
Alpha and beta dual receptor blockers for treatment of high blood pressure
Alpha blocker treatment for men to increase chances to have urinary catheter successfully removed
Alpha blockers for treating functional daytime urinary incontinence in children
Alpha blockers have a modest BP lowering effect
Alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor (a1PI) for preventing chronic lung disease in preterm infants
Alpha-2 adrenergic agonists to prevent shivering after general anaesthesia
Alpha-blockers after shock wave lithotripsy for renal or ureteral stones in adults
Alpha-blockers for ureteral stones in adult patients with symptoms of stone disease
Alpha-foetoprotein or liver ultrasonography, or both, for liver cancer screening in patients with chronic hepatitis B
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors for prevention or delay of type 2 diabetes and associated complications in people at increased risk of type 2 diabetes
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors for type 2 diabetes mellitus
Alpha-lipoic acid for diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Alpha-lipoic acid for diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Alpha2 adrenergic agonists for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Alprazolam for depression
Alterations in parenteral nutrition management for the treatment of parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis in term and preterm infants
Altered dietary salt for preventing pre-eclampsia, and its complications
Altered dietary salt intake for people with chronic kidney disease
Altered fractionation of thoracic radiation therapy for localised small cell lung cancer
Altering the availability or proximity of food, alcohol, and tobacco products to change their selection and consumption
Alternating and combined antipyretics for treatment of fever in children
Alternating current cranial electrotherapy stimulation in the treatment of depression
Alternative agents instead of platelet transfusions to prevent bleeding for people who have bone marrow disorders and low platelet counts
Alternative dosing strategies for intravenous antibiotics to treat severe infections
Alternative magnesium sulphate regimens for women with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
Alternative materials injected into the vocal fold (cord) for unilateral vocal fold paralysis
Alternative or additional agents to platelet transfusions to prevent bleeding in people with blood cancers receiving intensive treatment
Alternative packages of antenatal care for low-risk pregnant women
Alternative positions for the baby immediately at birth before clamping the umbilical cord
Alternative prophylactic therapies (acupuncture and/or moxibustion) for reducing blood loss in the third stage of labour
Alternative versus conventional institutional settings for birth
Alternatives to isoniazid monotherapy for preventing active tuberculosis in HIV-negative persons
Although the addition of the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody rituximab to chemotherapy (R-chemo) has been shown to improve response rates and progression-free survival in patients with indolent or mantle cell lymphoma, the efficacy of R-chemo with respect t
Aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines
Aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines versus placebo or no intervention
Alvimopan for recovery of bowel function after radical cystectomy
Amantadine and rimantadine to prevent and treat influenza A in children and the elderly
Ambient air quality – what works to reduce pollution and improve health?
Ambroxol for women at risk of preterm birth for preventing neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
Ambulatory versus conventional methods for monitoring blood pressure during pregnancy
Amfetamine for ADHD in people with intellectual disabilities
Amifostine for salivary glands in high-dose radioactive iodine treated differentiated thyroid cancer
Amino acid, fat emulsion and energy supplementation for severe pneumonia in the elderly
Aminoadamantanes for chronic hepatitis C
Aminoadamantanes versus other antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis C
Aminoglycosides and metronidazole for people with cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy
Aminoglycosides and other nonsense suppression therapies for the treatment of dystrophinopathy
Aminophylline for cardiac arrest
Aminosalicylates for treatment of active Crohn's disease
Amiodarone for preventing sudden cardiac death
Amisulpride for schizophrenia
Amisulpride versus other atypical antipsychotics for schizophrenia
Amitriptyline for depression
Amitriptyline for fibromyalgia in adults
Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain in adults
Amitriptyline for the treatment of depression
Amniocentesis and placental sampling for pre-birth diagnosis
Amnioinfusion for meconium-stained liquor in labour
Amnioinfusion for potential or suspected umbilical cord compression in labour
Amnioinfusion for preterm premature rupture of membranes
Amniotic fluid index compared with single deepest vertical pocket measurement in predicting an adverse pregnancy outcome
Amniotic membrane transplantation for the treatment of ocular burns
Amniotomy alone for induction of labour
Amniotomy for shortening spontaneous labour
Amniotomy for shortening spontaneous labour
Amniotomy plus intravenous oxytocin for induction of labour
Amniotomy plus intravenous oxytocin for induction of labour
Amodiaquine for treating malaria
Amphetamines for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults
Amphetamines for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents
Amphetamines for improving recovery after stroke
Amphetamines for schizophrenia
Amphetamines versus placebo for schizophrenia
Amphotericin B deoxycholate versus liposomal amphotericin B: effects on kidney function
Amylase in drain fluid for the diagnosis of pancreatic leak after partial removal of the pancreas
An analysis in Australia’s The Age newspaper cites multiple Cochrane Reviews
An assessment of the effectiveness and safety of a treatment used for children with encephalitis
An international network for public involvement and engagement in health and social care research
An interview on consumer involvement in research with Simon Denegri, NIHR
An Interview with Doug Altman
An Open Letter in Response to the FDA’s Public Comment Request on the Clinical Data Summary Report Pilot
An overview of Cochrane Reviews on red blood cell transfusions to treat or prevent sickle cell disease-related complications
An overview of systematic reviews on mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment of common mental disorders for refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons
Anabolic steroids for improving recovery after hip fracture in older people
Anabolic steroids for the treatment of weight loss in HIV-infected individuals
Anabolic steroids for treating pressure ulcers
Anaesthesia for cardioversion
Anaesthesia for hand and forearm surgery via single, double or multiple injections placed close to nerves in the armpit
Anaesthesia for surgical evacuation of an incomplete miscarriage
Anaesthesia for treating distal radial fracture in adults
Anaesthesia with injectable versus gaseous anaesthetic agents for rapid awakening following surgery for brain tumour
Anaesthesia/analgesia for manual removal of retained placenta