Addictive Brain's videocast features US Senior Officer


Watch Cochrane US Senior Officer, Tiffany Duque, as the featured guest on the Addictive Brain videocast. Tiffany spoke to  Dr. Chinmaya  Sadangi for the session called "Interview with a Scientist." 

The Addictive Brain is an online community aiming at bridging the gap between science and the world in general. Their audience is mostly non-scientists and students, so they communicate in simple language and avoid scientific jargons - making science and health evidence accessible! 

They chatted about health evidence synthesis, it's importance and use, the "infodemic" we are currently facing, and how anyone can get involved in Cochrane.  You'll learn a lot in 30 minutes!

Tiffany mentions lots of resources available to those new to Cochrane; here are some of the key links:

Wednesday, March 24, 2021