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Health Equity

Equity is an issue that cuts across multiple health and social care research areas. Differences in health which are both avoidable and considered unfair or unjust are now viewed as an ethical challenge which underpins research, global development goals and reports, and international declarations. The Cochrane Handbook and Training Materials already include methods for including equity considerations in Cochrane evidence, but in establishing this Thematic Group we hope to encourage deeper consideration of health equity across Cochrane. As this issue becomes increasingly important to policymakers, funders, healthcare providers, and consumers, Cochrane Health Equity seeks to strengthen our relationships with these and other stakeholder groups to ensure long-term sustainability for the organization as a whole.

Group leaders: Peter Tugwell, Vivian Welch, Jennifer Petkovic

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Heart, Stroke and Circulation

Cochrane Heart, Stroke and Circulation shares collective expertise and knowledge and ensures that evidence synthesis in cardiovascular disease reflects the multimorbidity paradigm, the large global burden of vascular disease (increasing especially in developing countries), and continuing development of interventions and diagnostic tests for these conditions. 

Group leaders: Gillian Mead, Alex Todhunter-Brown, Rui Providencia, Rod Taylor, Jackie Price, Gerry Stansby, Jim Wright and Juan Erviti

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Person Centred Care, Health Systems and Public Health

The Person Centred Care, Health Systems and Public Health Thematic Group brings together the expertise currently housed in Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC), Cochrane Consumers and Communication (CCC) and Cochrane Public Health (CPH). Combining the expertise and networks of these three Cochrane review groups provides a sound base to generate evidence beyond governance, financing and delivery arrangements for health systems and the effects of population-level public health interventions to include how health systems and public health can be more person-centred. 

Group leaders: Simon Lewin, Rebecca Ryan, Sasha Shepperd, Luke Wolfenden

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

The health of women and girls has been identified as one of the key thematic areas that Cochrane should prioritise in order to better align with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Women’s health is a considerable health area and as such contributes significantly to global disease burden. The Sexual and Reproductive Health Thematic Group will bring together a network of people from the consumer, research, and clinical worlds to create an essential knowledge base in this complex and multifaceted area of health care and to advance Cochrane’s aspirations to address the most pressing global health challenges.

Group Chair: Cindy Farquhar

Group coordinator: Vanessa Jordan

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