Gender differences in health literacy of migrants: a synthesis of qualitative evidence

The overall objective of this QES is to explore and explain probable gender differences in the health literacy of migrants. Exploring possible gender differences in the context of migration will supplement the linked effectiveness review by providing a comprehensive understanding of the role that any gender differences may play in the development, delivery, and ultimately, the effectiveness of interventions for improving the health literacy of female and male migrants. This QES has the following specific objectives.

  • To explore whether gender differences in the health literacy of migrants exist.
  • To identify factors that may underlie gender differences in the four steps of health information processing (access, understand, appraise and apply).
  • To explore and explain gender differences potentially found - or not found - in the effectiveness of health literacy interventions assessed by the linked effectiveness review.
  • To explain - in a third synthesis - to what extent gender and migration-specific factors may play a role in the development and delivery of health literacy interventions.

This is a protocol.