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Podcast title Published on
Interventions to slow the progression of short-sightedness in children 25 May 2023
Care involving families for Indigenous early childhood well-being 25 May 2023
Can tests for inflammation help doctors decide whether to use antibiotics for airway infections? 22 May 2023
The relative safety and effectiveness of different epoetin drugs for treating anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease 11 May 2023
What are consumers and health providers' views and experiences of working in formal partnerships to plan, deliver and evaluate health services? 11 May 2023
Aromatase inhibitors for infertility treatment in women with polycystic ovary syndrome 5 May 2023
Can cognitive stimulation benefit people with dementia? 2 May 2023
Do mobility strategies improve and restore mobility after hip fracture surgery in adults? 21 Mar 2023
What are the benefits and risks of medication reviews for hospitalised adults? 6 Mar 2023
House modifications for preventing malaria 20 Feb 2023
Which is the best treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding? 17 Feb 2023
Music for insomnia in adults 13 Feb 2023
Are corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory medicines) given orally or by injection an effective treatment for people with COVID-19? 13 Feb 2023
Is ultrasound guidance a good option for peripheral intravenous cannulation in adults? 27 Jan 2023
Yoga for chronic non-specific low back pain 24 Jan 2023
Additional therapies used with exercise therapy for hip or knee osteoarthritis 20 Jan 2023
Xpert Ultra for diagnosing tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in children 20 Jan 2023
Blood pressure targets in people with cardiovascular disease 10 Jan 2023
Opioid maintenance medicines for the treatment of dependence on opioid pain medicines 15 Dec 2022
Which medicines, taken by mouth or injected, work best to treat a skin condition called plaque psoriasis? 22 Nov 2022
Hydroxyurea (also known as hydroxycarbamide) for people with sickle cell disease 14 Nov 2022
Do school-based physical activity interventions increase moderate to vigorous physical activity and improve physical fitness among children and adolescents? 9 Nov 2022
What is the accuracy of different combinations of ultrasound imaging and blood tests to diagnose ovarian cancer in women before and after the menopause? 9 Nov 2022
Periodic change of body position under phototherapy in term and preterm neonates with hyperbilirubinaemia 13 Oct 2022
Mental health support in the community for refugee children and adolescents in high-income countries 4 Oct 2022
Which combinations of medicines are best for the prevention and treatment of anaemia in people with cancer? 23 Sep 2022
How accurate are rapid antigen tests for diagnosing COVID-19? 20 Sep 2022
Control interventions in randomised trials for people with a mental health disorder 20 Sep 2022
Prophylactic cyclo-oxygenase inhibitor drugs to prevent morbidity and mortality in preterm infants 2 Sep 2022
Rho kinase inhibitors for primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension 2 Sep 2022
Antioxidants for male subfertility 26 Aug 2022
Cannabis and cannabinoids for people with multiple sclerosis 25 Aug 2022
Do video-assisted instruments for inserting breathing tubes in adults work better than direct-view instruments and do they cause unwanted effects? 11 Aug 2022
Prophylactic antiemetics for adults receiving intravenous opioids in the acute care setting 3 Aug 2022
How accurate are remote, virtual assessments at diagnosing dementia? 14 Jul 2022
Community views on mass drug administration for filariasis: a qualitative evidence synthesis 12 Jul 2022
How accurate is chest imaging for diagnosing COVID-19? 4 Jul 2022
Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee disease 1 Jul 2022
Endovascular thrombectomy and intra-arterial interventions for acute ischaemic stroke 1 Jul 2022
Drugs and natural products for self-harm in adults 30 Jun 2022
Interventions for children and adolescents who self-harm 30 Jun 2022
Psychosocial interventions for adults who self-harm 29 Jun 2022
How accurate are symptoms and medical examination to diagnose COVID-19? 30 May 2022
Do blood thinners prevent people who are hospitalised with COVID-19 from developing blood clots? 13 May 2022
Are medicines that block interleukin‐1 (a protein involved in immune responses) effective treatments for COVID‐19 and do they cause unwanted effects? 11 Apr 2022
Treatments to manage rapid breathing in babies (transient tachypnoea of the newborn) 28 Mar 2022
Providing information to stroke survivors and their carers 22 Mar 2022
Endometrial injury in women undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) 21 Mar 2022
Sunlight for the prevention and treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns 7 Mar 2022
Comparing different methods of determining whether gliomas are missing arms 1p and 19q of the chromosomes 7 Mar 2022