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Podcast title Published on
Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) drugs for diabetic macular oedema 12 Jul 2017
Strategies to help people with asthma take their steroid inhaler as prescribed 11 Jul 2017
Hydroxyurea (also known as hydroxycarbamide) for people with sickle cell disease 11 Jul 2017
Interventions to improve people's drug-taking behaviour with lipid-lowering drugs 21 Jun 2017
Are there ways in which workplace bullying can be prevented? 21 Jun 2017
Is stretch effective for treating and preventing joint deformities? 21 Jun 2017
Music interventions for acquired brain injury 14 Jun 2017
Fixed daily dose of a low molecular weight heparin compared with an adjusted dose of unfractionated heparin for treating blood clots in the deep veins 7 Jun 2017
Treatment for epilepsy in pregnant women and the physical health of the child 7 Jun 2017
Should root canal treatment be performed in one dental visit or over several visits? 30 May 2017
Combined intermittent pneumatic leg compression and medication for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism 25 May 2017
Ataluren and similar compounds (specific therapies for premature termination codon class I mutations) for cystic fibrosis 23 May 2017
Using a structured questionnaire (the IQCODE) to detect individuals who may go on to develop dementia 23 May 2017
Medical interventions to prevent graft rejection after liver transplantation 22 May 2017
What are parents' and informal caregivers' views and experiences of communication about routine early childhood vaccination? 11 May 2017
Does breastfeeding reduce vaccination pain in babies aged 1 to 12 months? 4 May 2017
Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants 4 May 2017
Drug treatments for constipation caused by antipsychotic medications 2 May 2017
Clinical effects of cardiovascular risk scores in people without cardiovascular disease 2 May 2017
Lamotrigine versus carbamazepine monotherapy (single drug treatment) for epilepsy 26 Apr 2017
Pentasaccharides for the prevention of venous blood clots 26 Apr 2017
Government regulation, training, or co-ordination of private for-profit health care in low- and middle-income countries 19 Apr 2017
Pulmonary rehabilitation for people who have been in hospital with an exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 19 Apr 2017
Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) strategy for children younger than five years of age 18 Apr 2017
School-based interventions for preventing HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy in adolescents 10 Apr 2017
Buprenorphine for managing opioid withdrawal 10 Apr 2017
Clonidine, lofexidine, and similar medications for the management of opioid withdrawal 10 Apr 2017
Do injectable pneumococcal vaccines prevent pneumonia in people with COPD? 30 Mar 2017
Interventions for renal vasculitis in adults 23 Mar 2017
Topical antibiotics (applied to the skin) for preventing surgical site infection in wounds that are stitched or held together another way 23 Mar 2017
Emollients and moisturisers for eczema 21 Mar 2017
Early administration of inhaled corticosteroids for preventing chronic lung disease in very low birth weight preterm neonates 13 Mar 2017
Early additional food and fluids for healthy breastfed full-term infants 6 Mar 2017
Do tobacco cessation interventions provided during substance abuse treatment or recovery help tobacco users to quit? 6 Mar 2017
The accuracy of two imaging tests in detecting vesicoureteral reflux 6 Mar 2017
Managing symptoms in motor neuron disease 1 Mar 2017
Support for breastfeeding mothers 1 Mar 2017
Oral hygiene care for critically ill patients to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia 15 Feb 2017
Improving how antibiotics are prescribed by physicians working in hospital settings 8 Feb 2017
Aspirin for women undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) 6 Feb 2017
Nutritional supplementation for older people after hip fracture 3 Feb 2017
Immunosuppressive agents for treating IgA nephropathy 2 Feb 2017
Yoga treatment for chronic non-specific low back pain 31 Jan 2017
Xylitol sugar supplement for preventing middle ear infection in children up to 12 years of age 30 Jan 2017
Interventions for patients and caregivers to improve knowledge of sickle cell disease and recognition of its related complications 30 Jan 2017
Skin antisepsis for reducing central venous catheter-related infections 20 Jan 2017
Automated telephone communication systems for preventing disease and managing long-term conditions 9 Jan 2017
Effect of molecular-targeted therapy on the progress and survival of people in the late stages of stomach cancer 7 Dec 2016
Motor control exercise for chronic non-specific low-back pain 1 Dec 2016
Is it safe to use lower blood counts as a trigger for blood transfusion in order to give fewer blood transfusions? 21 Nov 2016