Joining Cochrane as a patient or carer

Patients and carers play a vital role in Cochrane

Cochrane uses the term consumers to represent patients, carers and family members with first-hand experience of a healthcare condition.

Cochrane consumers:

  • Use Cochrane evidence to inform healthcare decisions in their own lives or for their families
  • Prioritise and help make sure Cochrane review questions focus on what is important to patients and carers
  • Comment on draft Cochrane reviews as a consumer peer reviewer, to ensure they are accessible to all
  • Help with the governance of the organisation
  • Raise the profile of Cochrane evidence among the general public

Join the Cochrane Consumer Network

Patients and carers can join the Cochrane Consumer Network, a large and growing community of people across the world. We welcome all members of the public who are interested in high-quality health evidence.

  • Sign up for newsletters and updates relevant to Cochrane Consumers
  • Access learning and training opportunities
  • Volunteer for Cochrane and complete consumer tasks

Join the Cochrane Consumer Network