Anticholinergic deprescribing interventions for reducing risk of cognitive decline or dementia in older adults with and without prior cognitive impairment

This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (intervention). The objectives are as follows:

Primary objective

      To assess the efficacy and safety of anticholinergic medication reduction interventions to improve cognitive outcomes in both cognitively healthy older adults and older adults with pre-existing cognitive issues. 

    Secondary objectives

        To compare the effectiveness of different types of reduction interventions (e.g. pharmacist-led versus GP-led; educational versus audit and feedback) in reducing overall anticholinergic burden.

          To establish optimal duration of anticholinergic reduction interventions; sustainability, and lessons learned for upscaling

            To compare results according to differing anticholinergic scales used in medication reduction intervention trials.

              To assess the efficacy of anticholinergic medication reduction interventions to improve other clinical outcomes, including mortality, quality of life, clinical global impression, physical function, institutionalisation, falls, cardiovascular diseases, and neurobehavioral outcomes in people with pre-existing cognitive impairment.

This is a protocol.