Consumers and health providers working in partnership for the promotion of person-centred health services: a co-produced qualitative evidence synthesis

  • To synthesise the views and experiences of consumers and health providers of working in partnership to promote person-centred health services.
  • To identify best practice principles for working in partnership at the health service level by understanding consumers' and health providers' views and experiences.
  • To investigate the barriers and facilitators to working in partnership and how these may promote or impede person-centred planning, delivery or evaluation of health services. For example, if consumers are given sufficient training to help them work in partnership on a hospital quality and safety committee, they may be better able to contribute the consumer perspective to quality and safety decisions.
  • To understand consumers' and health providers' views and experiences of working in partnership.
  • To analyse the ways consumers and providers work in partnership (e.g. committee formats, experience-based co-design formats).

This is a protocol.