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  • Cochrane Interactive Learning
    Cochrane Interactive Learning is a series of high quality, online learning modules for conducting intervention reviews following Cochrane review methodology. Useful for both introductory-level and more experienced learners, the modules are designed for both individual distance learners and for trainers looking to create blended online and face-to-...
    22 Październik 2018
  • Help us curate and deliver health evidence
    Help Cochrane curate and deliver health evidence Cochrane Crowd is an online citizen science platform that enables anyone with an interest in health to contribute to health evidence. Our volunteers make it easier for health researchers to find the latest, high-quality evidence on what treatments work and don’t work. This means health practitioners...
    22 Październik 2018
  • Cochrane Taiwan is expanding its reach through a new Cochrane  Affiliate
    Cochrane Taiwan aims to promote evidence informed health care in Taiwan, and develops partnerships with institutions in the country to achieve this aim. One of these institutions is the Chang Gung University of Science and Technology (CGUST). CGUST has now been given Cochrane Affiliate status. CGUST is committed to training healthcare personnel,...
    16 Październik 2018
  • Dr Chikwendu J. Ede
    Dr Chikwendu J. Ede has been announced as the 2018 winner of the prestigious Aubrey Sheiham Leadership Award by Cochrane. The award is managed by Cochrane South Africa (SA) and presented annually to an African researcher to support the conduct of a Cochrane Review focusing on a priority topic with impact on the health of people living in low- and...
    16 Październik 2018
  • Featured Review: Progestogen for preventing miscarriage
    Can progestogen help prevent miscarriage? Early pregnancy loss, also known as miscarriage, generally occurs in the first trimester. For some women and their partners, miscarriages can happen several times, also known as recurrent miscarriages. While there are sometimes causes for miscarriages that are found, often no clear reasons can be...
    15 Październik 2018
  • Patients and consumers at Cochrane's Edinburgh Colloquium
    Our Colloquium is Cochrane's annual flagship event, bringing people together from around the world to discuss putting research into important global health questions and promoting evidence-informed health care.  This year, almost 1300 people from 57 countries attended our Colloquium in Edinburgh, UK. The theme was ‘Cochrane for all - better...
    12 Październik 2018
  • Cochrane Library Editorial - Implementing systematic reviews of prognosis studies in Cochrane
    Over the last 30 years Cochrane has strived to advance the importance of conducting systematic reviews of therapeutic strategies, diagnostic tests, and risk factors. Now, the Cochrane community embarks on systematic reviews of prognosis studies in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.Prognosis research has escalated in the last two decades...
    11 Październik 2018
  • Comic highlights Cochrane and World Health Organization collaboration for positive
    Swiss illustrator explains his motivation for creating the comic and what he hopes it shows.The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new recommendations to establish global care standards for healthy pregnant women and reduce unnecessary medical interventions. The new WHO guideline includes evidence from 17 Cochrane Reviews and has 56...
    11 Październik 2018
  • A Q&A with the Authors
    Chantale Dumoulin and Licia Cacciari from Cochrane Incontinence  wanted to find out if pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) helps women with urinary incontinence problems. They did this by comparing the effects of this training with no treatment, or with any inactive treatment (for example, advice on management with pads). We asked Chantale and...
    10 Październik 2018
  •  Findings suggest that school-based interventions may have a role to play in preventing risk behaviours
    Findings suggest that school-based interventions may have a role to play in preventing risk behavioursHealth risk behaviours, such as smoking and drug use, can group together during the teenage years, and engagement in these multiple risk behaviours can lead to health problems such as injury and substance abuse during childhood and adolescence, as...
    5 Październik 2018
  •  cesarean section
    With numbers of caesarean sections increasing world wide this review looks at non-clinical interventions for reducing caesarean sections.Caesarean section is an operation used to prevent and reduce complications of childbirth. While it can be a life‐saving procedure for both the mother and baby, caesarean section is not without harm and should...
    4 Październik 2018
  • The Recommended Dose podcast: Jeremy Grimshaw
    President, Campbell Collaboration & long-time Cochrane luminaryNamed by Reuters as one of the most influential scientific minds of our time, this week’s guest wears many hats and pursues all kinds of surprising interests. Jeremy Grimshaw has earned a global reputation for translating evidence into genuine changes that improve human health. He’...
    4 Październik 2018
  • Featured Review: Patient-mediated interventions to improve professional practice
    Our annual meeting, the Cochrane Colloquium, had patient involvement as central theme for 2018. We took the chance to meet two of the Cochrane Eddective Practice and Organizsation of Care authors of the newly published review, ‘Patient‐mediated interventions to improve professional practice’, to get their reflections on patient involvement in...
    3 Październik 2018
  • Кокрейн Россия впервые публикует результаты оценки качества Российских клинических рекомендаций с помощью инструмента AGREE в журнале PLOS ONE
    Recently PLOS ONE published a paper from Cochrane Russia, a Research and Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, housed at the Kazan Federal University, which presents the first experience of scientific assessment of the quality of Russian clinical practice guidelines on the international criteria of the AGREE instrument.

    2 Październik 2018
  • This Cochrane Special Collection, developed in collaboration with Evidence Aid, includes Cochrane Reviews of healthcare topics that are important in the aftermath of a major earthquake. The reviews' conclusions are presented, along with signposts to systematic reviews that might be helpful to decision-makers. Topics covered: diarrhoea prevention...
    1 Październik 2018
  • The recording of this year’s Cochrane Annual General Meeting, held on Monday 17 September at the Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh, is now available.


    Introduction (00:00:00)
    In Memorium (00:04:40)
    Council Report (00:31:48)
    Co-Chairs’ Report / Statement from the Board (00:36:10)
    CEO’s Report (00:46:30)...
    26 Wrzesień 2018
  • Edinburgh Colloquium 2018: Round-Up
    The Cochrane Colloquium is an annual event, bringing people together from around the world to discuss putting research into important global health questions and promoting evidence-informed health care.  This year the theme is ‘Cochrane for all - better evidence for better health decisions’.  It was a Patients Included event, co-designed, co-...
    26 Wrzesień 2018
  • Statement
    The Cochrane Collaboration’s Governing Board of Trustees voted unanimously on 25th September to terminate Professor Peter Gøtzsche’s membership of the organization, and his present position as a Member of the Governing Board and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre. Cochrane is a collaboration: an organization founded on shared values and an...
    26 Wrzesień 2018
  • Beyond the Room Edinburgh Colloquium 2018 Podcasts
    For the first time at a Cochrane Colloquium, we took the conversation #BeyondTheRoom. Beyond the Room is a digital conference service, started in 2016 by André Tomlin from the Mental Elf. Its aim is to increase the reach and impact of health events by live tweeting and podcasting from them, to involve people virtually and facilitate a much more...
    26 Wrzesień 2018
  • Ensuring quality as the basis of evidence synthesis
    The foundations of both Cochrane and the wider evidence synthesis community rest on the involvement of methodologists in the production of high‐quality systematic reviews. Epidemiologists, statisticians, and information specialists have had an enormous impact on the evolution of Cochrane and the advancement of systematic review methodology....
    26 Wrzesień 2018


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