David Sackett Prize awarded to Sir Iain Chalmers

Dr David Sackett was an originator of clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine. He contributed extensively to the development of research methods through his books and published articles, as well as through education and lectures at McMaster and around the world. Notably he turned clinical research into a scientifically sound and practical multidisciplinary “team sport,” and has changed for the better the quality of healthcare research and clinical practice. David was the first chair of the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group in 1993.

This year, the GIMBE Foundation established an award in memory of David, which was presented at The Ecosystem of Evidence conference in November.

The first edition of the prestigious award was assigned to Sir Iain Chalmers by the organisers for;

  • Leading to the development of the Cochrane Collaboration
  • Launching the James Lind Initiative to help people to recognise untrustworthy claims about the effects of treatments
  • His flourishing scientific production: more than 500 papers in peer reviewed journals in the Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC) field
  • His influential books
  • His courage, shared with Paul Glasziou, in pointing out research waste as a barrier to EBHC
  • Being a maverick: an unusual mix of biting British humour, insatiable intellectual curiosity, and Oxfordian self-composure


In a speech of thanks Sir Iain referred to Sackett’s inspired and inspiring leadership of the Evidence-Based Medicine movement, his invaluable contribution as the first chair of the Cochrane Collaboration, and his precious contributions to the James Lind Library.

A summary of the achievements of Sir Iain Chalmers, recognized by the David Sackett Prize is shown here

Tuesday, November 19, 2019