Join us - Join in - Make a difference

silver, purple, and gold badges that say Cochrane Supporter, Cochrane Member, and Cochrane Member, respectively

The Membership team in Cochrane's People Services Department are delighted to announce a new version of our Join Cochrane pages that lay out all the varied ways people can get involved with Cochrane’s work. At the heart of the new content are:

The pages also showcase the fantastic Membership badges, which are available for to download from the Cochrane Account portal.

This week, the total number of Cochrane Members and Supporters hit the 100,000 mark. This impressive figure reflects the fact that we encourage anyone interested in our work to create a Cochrane Account, which unlocks access to free resources such as Cochrane Evidence Essentials and opportunities to contribute as part of Cochrane Crowd, the Cochrane Consumer Network, or on our volunteer hub, Cochrane TaskExchange.

Many of those who join as Supporters, will progress to earn Membership. Testimonies from Cochrane Members who share their experiences of getting involved, show the real value of Cochrane Membership as a reward for contributing to our work.

Thanks to our amazing translation teams, most of whom are volunteers, these pages are available in different languages - and the translators will have earned Membership points for their hard work!

We would like to thank the Web Team, and the Knowledge Translation Department, for their help in preparing these pages and their translated versions.

Monday, December 14, 2020