Effect of exchange transfusion on mortality in neonates with septicemia

To determine the efficacy of BET versus no BET in reducing the all-cause mortality rate in neonates (up to 28 days of age) with septicemia, and to ascertain clinically important adverse effects associated with the BET procedure.

If we can procure sufficient data, we plan to perform the following subgroup analyses.

  • Term versus preterm neonates (term defined as infants ≥ 37 weeks' gestation, and preterm as < 37 weeks' gestation).
  • Early-onset (systemic infection ≤ 48 hours of age) versus late-onset (systemic infection > 48 hours of age) sepsis.
  • Single-volume versus double-volume exchange transfusion.
  • Infants with severe sepsis versus infants with less severe manifestations of sepsis.

This is a protocol.