[The effect of physiotherapy in children with bladder- and bowel problems]

To determine the effectiveness of physiotherapy or physiotherapy-related interventions, performed by any healthcare professional, in the management of functional bladder, bowel dysfunctions, or concomitant BBD in neurologically normal and otherwise healthy children, aged between four to 18 years.

1. Motor control interventions versus no treatment,

2. Motor control interventions versus any other intervention,

3. Manual therapy techniques (abdominal massage) versus no treatment,

4. Manual therapy techniques (abdominal massage) versus any other intervention,

5. Electrotherapy (non-invasive) versus no treatment,

6. Electrotherapy (non-invasive) versus any other intervention,

7. Physiotherapy versus no treatment,

8. Physiotherapy versus any other intervention,

9. One type of a physiotherapy (intervention) versus another type of physiotherapy (intervention).

This is a protocol.