Diagnostic instruments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Primary objective
  • To determine the test accuracy of diagnostic tests for diagnosing (1) autism, (2) Asperger's syndrome, (3) atypical autism, and (4) ASD (comprising diagnoses one to three), as verified by the reference standard, and where possible, for different age groups. We have identified and will examine the following tests: 3di ( Santosh 2009; Skuse 2004), AAA (Baron-Cohen 2005), ABI (Cohen 1993), ADI-R (Lord 1994), ADOS (Lord 1989; Lord 2000), ASD-DA (Matson 2007a), ASD-OC (Neal 2012a; Neal 2012b), ASDI (Gillberg 2001), BOS (Freeman 1978; Freeman 1980), CARS (Schopler 1980; Vaughan 2011), and DISCO-11 (Leekam 2002; Maljaars 2011; Wing 2002).
Secondary objective
  • To compare the diagnostic test accuracy of clinical interviews with parents/primary caregivers or affected adults with the diagnostic test accuracy of direct observation measures. In addition, we will compare whether a combination of interview and direct observation measures improves diagnostic test accuracy.

This is a protocol.