Post-acute physiotherapy for primary total hip arthroplasty

The aim of this review is to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of post-acute physiotherapy (PT) on patients who have undergone a primary THA for OA on patient-centred outcomes of pain, physical function and HRQOL. Various forms of PT and clinical settings including inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient and home care programs will be compared to routine care, non-supervised or alternative PT approaches. Post-acute PT will have been initiated within six-months post-surgery and completed within twelve-months post-surgery.

Specific objectives are:

  • To examine the short-term and long-term effects of post-acute physiotherapy on patient centred outcomes of pain, physical function and HRQOL
  • To compare measures of effectiveness across different clinical settings, patient characteristics and treatment approaches
  • To report on the findings as they relate to implications to clinical practice
  • To identify gaps in the published literature related to post-acute physiotherapy in the THA population

This is a protocol.