Methods of securing peripheral vascular catheters to reduce morbidity in neonates

In hospitalized neonates, to compare the following methods of securing PVC: clean gauze versus sterile gauze, permeable versus semi permeable, transparent versus non transparent including plaster of Paris dressings, in terms of rate of bloodstream infection, tolerance to dressing material, catheter security and other morbidities.

Subgroup analyses are planned as follows:

i. Birth weight (<= 1500 g versus > 1500 g)
ii. Gestational age (Term versus preterm and <= 32 versus > 32 weeks)
iii. Dressing sterility (clean versus sterile)
iv. Dressing permeability (permeable versus semi permeable)
v. Dressing transparency (transparent and non transparent including plaster of Paris)
vi. Catheter type (plastic material versus needle and coated versus uncoated material)

This is a protocol.