Long-acting beta2-agonists for bronchiectasis

Long-acting bronchodilators are used in asthma, so may also benefit people with bronchiectasis. However, there is no good evidence for this at present.

Authors' conclusions: 

Further research is needed to establish if long-acting bronchodilators have a role in the management of people with bronchiectasis.

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Symptoms of bronchiectasis include chronic productive cough, wheeze, breathlessness and recurrent infections of the lower respiratory tract. Long-acting bronchodilators are being used more frequently in the management of people with this condition.


To determine the effectiveness of long-acting bronchodilators in the management of bronchiectasis that is not due to cystic fibrosis.

Search strategy: 

We searched the Cochrane Airways Group Specialised Register of bronchiectasis trials. The latest searches were carried out in August 2010.

Selection criteria: 

Randomised controlled trials, with or without masking.

Data collection and analysis: 

The results of searches were reviewed against pre-specified criteria.

Main results: 

We were unable to identify any randomised controlled trials investigating the effectiveness of long-acting bronchodilator therapy in the management of bronchiectasis. An update search in August 2010 did not identify any new studies.