New learning opportunities in evidence-based health care for medical students in Sweden

New learning opportunities in evidence-based health care for medical students in Sweden

Cochrane Sweden is delighted to announce the official launch of a new online learning course specifically designed to support medical students training in evidence-based health care at Lund University.

Cochrane Interactive Learning (CIL) consists of a self-directed e-learning package which takes students through the processes involved in completing a systematic review, including framing a question; searching for relevant studies; assessing risk of bias; undertaking meta-analysis; implementing GRADE processes; and other key processes to support students understanding the complete systematic review process.

CIL’s online modules have been developed by world-leading experts in systematic review methods. The course is designed to promote evidence-based decision making in health care globally by supporting and training authors of Cochrane Reviews and other systematic reviews of healthcare interventions.

New learners of this online course will have the chance to embark on modular, interactive training on how to produce systematic reviews, and experienced authors can refresh their skills with the latest guidance and best practice.

At Lund University, the nine modules will be harmonized with educational goals set for the clinical stage at the Medical Degree Programme. In February 2018, Professor Martin Garwicz, who coordinates students’ training towards Scientific Scholarship at the Medical Degree Programme, introduced CIL to medical students beginning the sixth academic term. The Medical Faculty Library has contributed significantly to this project, with Maria Björklund promoting awareness and implementation of Cochrane resources.

Matteo Bruschettini, Director of Cochrane Sweden, says this is an inspiring opportunity: “I’m looking forward to listening to students’ feedback on CIL; this is really a top-quality educational resource! Everyone connected to Lund University, a huge audience including different academic levels, now has access to CIL. We aim to offer the same opportunities in the rest of the country.”

The initiative is co-financed by the Medical Degree Programme and the Medical Faculty Library. In addition, Professor Stefan Hansson, former Vice Dean for research education at Lund University, contributed with a successful grant application.

Chris Champion, Cochrane’s Head of Membership, Learning and Support Services, said, “We’re delighted by the news that Lund University is integrating CIL into their Medical Degree Programme curriculum. In developing CIL, Cochrane’s aim is to make Cochrane training resources available to anyone who is interested in developing their understanding of recognized and rigorous methods to assess evidence and make evidence-informed decisions, and this is an excellent opportunity to bring this information to a key group of stakeholders.”

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