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  • New evidence finds standardized cigarette packaging may reduce the number of people who smoke.
    New Cochrane Review finds standardized tobacco packaging may lead to a reduction in smoking prevalence and reduces the appeal of tobacco. Please see related resources at the bottom of this page
     According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco use kills more people worldwide than any other preventable cause of death. Global health...
    27 April 2017
  • Cochrane contributors from around the world marched for science on 22 April
    The March for Science took place on Saturday, 22 April 2017 - also known as Earth Day, a commemoration of environmental advocacy and science in the public interest established in the United States nearly 50 years ago. The March took place in more than 600 cities around the world, to champion the science that upholds the common good.

    23 April 2017
  • Launch of Cochrane Global Mental Health
    Cochrane is delighted to announce today the development of  Cochrane Global Mental Health: a partnership that brings together the five Cochrane Review Groups that cover mental health conditions and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health and Service Evaluation, Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology.Cochrane...
    21 April 2017
  • Featured Review: Psychosocial interventions to support pregnant women to stop smoking
    Reposted with permission from Cochrane Australia.Published recently, the sixth update of the Cochrane Review on Psychosocial interventions for supporting women to stop smoking in pregnancy weighs up the evidence on a critical health and social equity issue. Smoking remains one of the few preventable factors associated with complications in...
    3 April 2017
  • Introducing the Cochrane Thai translation project
    Cochrane evidence is now being translated into 14 languages following the launch of the Thai translation project. Cochrane Thailand will contribute to Cochrane’s Translation Strategy by participating in Thai language, translation, and dissemination activities. The translation team will make Abstracts and Plain Language Summaries and podcasts...
    27 März 2017
  • Cochrane and OHSU announce support of new donor
    Cochrane and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are delighted to announce the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for Cochrane and OHSU's ongoing work to build, pilot, and scale a next generation evidence system to transform the translation of health research into practice. This system is a major component of Cochrane's wider...
    23 März 2017
  • Call for Cochrane Groups to submit proposals to host upcoming Cochrane events
    We are looking for Cochrane Groups to host the 2020 and 2021 Cochrane Colloquia and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Cochrane Governance Meetings.Cochrane Colloquia
    Cochrane Colloquia are the flagship scientific meetings of the organization and have been held annually since 1993 in different locations across the world. They bring opportunities for...
    20 März 2017
  • Registration for early bird tickets open until 30 June 2017Registration has now opened for the first ever Global Evidence Summit! Register before the 30 June 2017 to get over 11% off the standard ticket price.  This year, Cochrane, is joining with four other leading organizations – Guidelines International Network, Campbell Collaboration,...
    8 März 2017
  • The Scientific Committee  will strengthen the scientific integrity and oversight of methodological practice within Cochrane
    We announce with pleasure the launch of our Scientific Committee which will strengthen the scientific integrity and oversight of methodological practice within Cochrane.This important Committee will support the Editor in Chief and the work of our Methods and Cochrane Review Groups, as well as colleagues working in our Centres and Fields across the...
    16 Februar 2017
  • Featured Review: Moisturizer for eczema
    Applying moisturizers is an integral part of eczema treatment, but is it effective?Please see more resources at the bottom of this article
    Eczema is a chronic skin disease characterized by dry skin, intense itching, inflammatory skin lesions, and considerable impact on quality of life. Moisturizers are a cornerstone of eczema treatment, but...
    13 Februar 2017
  • Support for health professionals reduces unnecessary use of antibiotics in hospitals
    An updated Cochrane Review published 9 February has identified effective and safe ways to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics in hospitals. Guidelines and policies that promote better targeting of antibiotics in patients who need them have the greatest impact when they are supported by the most effective ways to change doctors’ behaviour. Please...
    9 Februar 2017
  • Global Evidence Summit 2017: Call for abstracts open
    Your chance to be part of the first ever Global Evidence Summit begins now…Call for abstracts extended to 15 MarchOpportunities to present special sessions, workshops, oral presentations, and poster abstracts open on 5 January 2017. This is your chance to be part of the Global Evidence Summit (GES) and we look forward to receiving abstracts around...
    1 Februar 2017
  • Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative
    Cochrane has partnered with Wikipedia to improve the evidence base of Wikipedia health articlesCochrane has a commitment to producing and sharing high-quality medical evidence to as broad an audience as possible. As a way of achieving this, Cochrane has been working in partnership with Wikipedia since 2014 to improve the evidence base of health...
    1 Februar 2017
  • Yoga may have health benefits for people with chronic non-specific lower back pain
    A Cochrane Review, published in the Cochrane Library, suggests that yoga may lead to a small reduction in pain in people with chronic non-specific lower back pain over the short term. However, researchers advise that more studies are needed to provide information on long-term effects.Lower back pain is a common health problem, and is usually...
    31 Januar 2017
  • Cochrane in the news: January 2017
    A round-up of selected recent coverage citing, discussing, and presenting health evidence - updated throughout the month.   New Statesman blog post 'Eat yourself happy' mentions Cochrane Nordic's review on antidepressants and suicide.The Spectator examines Cochrane 'robust evidence' on yoga and back pain. Cochrane Review shows Aspirin for frequent...
    27 Januar 2017
  • What were the most popular Cochrane Reviews of 2016? Find out in a Special Collection, now available on the Cochrane Library, which showcases some of the best work from Cochrane contributors worldwide. All of the included reviews are freely available via the Cochrane Library website (link pointing to an archived version of the original page).
    23 Januar 2017
  • Learning about Cochrane in 6 South Asian languages
    South Asia is home for over 1.6 billion people, speaking hundreds of languages among them. At least 12 of these languages are each spoken by 30 million or more people. All the countries in this region are categorized as either low or lower-middle income economies. Though English remains the official medium of instruction and communication among...
    18 Januar 2017
  • BMJ partners with Cochrane ​Clinical Answers​ to boost knowledge at the point of care
    Evidence reviews now incorporated into BMJ Best Practice to better inform decision making.BMJ, one of the world’s leading medical knowledge providers, has teamed up with Cochrane Clinical Answers, a new resource from the Cochrane Library, to better deliver evidence and inform decision making at the point of care.  The collaboration means that...
    10 Januar 2017
  • We are very pleased to announce that Cochrane South Africa has appointed Charles Shey Wiysonge as its new Director, effective December 2016.Originally trained as a physician, Professor Wiysonge has also completed extensive postgraduate training in epidemiology, evidence-based health care, and vaccinology. His previous roles have included serving...
    5 Januar 2017
  • Featured Review: Caregiver-mediated exercises for improving outcomes after stroke
    Caregiver-mediated exercises may be a promising form of therapy to add to usual care.Stroke is a major cause of acquired adult disability. Research has shown that more time spent on exercise therapy in the first weeks to months after stroke leads to better functioning and allowing early supported discharge. Due to lack of personnel and resources,...
    29 Dezember 2016


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