Work begins to establish a new Cochrane Network across the US

Work begins to establish a new Cochrane Network across the US

Cochrane is pleased to announce plans to establish a new, open and collaborative Network within the US.

An internal review of Cochrane’s structures carried out in 2016 highlighted that a single Center approach for a country the size of the US has many limitations, and that a Network of multiple groups based across the country is a better model to deliver a wider range and expanded scale of Cochrane activities, share collaboration across and between institutions, and create greater impact of that work in diverse regions and different contexts.

There is a sophisticated and well-developed health evidence landscape in the US, and while Cochrane evidence is well known and widely respected, we believe we can do more and better. The Cochrane US Network primary functions will be around ensuring that Cochrane’s evidence is increasingly used in policy and practice inside the US; supporting the Cochrane community of volunteers (authors, methodologists, editors) in the US; and promoting and representing Cochrane in the country.

In the coming months, we will consult widely with a range of stakeholders to develop the strategy and focus of this new Cochrane Network:

This will include:

  • An open meeting to be held during the Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh, on Tuesday 18th September, from 07.30-08.45;
  • A two-day strategic planning meeting (by invitation) to be held on 29th-30th October in Fort Worth, Texas.

Following these consultative meetings, a call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ will be issued that allows institutions in the US to express their interest to become a member of the Cochrane US Network.

The responsibility for leading the establishment of the new Cochrane US Network is being taken by Cochrane’s Chief Executive Office, but the process is advised and fully supported by the existing Cochrane US West Associate Centre based at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU, Portland, Oregon), and the consultation meeting in October is to be hosted by the Texas Christian University.

It is expected that a formal launch of Cochrane’s US Network will take place in early 2019.

For more information of Cochrane’s US Network, and sharing suggestions and information that promote Cochrane’s work across the US, please contact Sylvia de Haan, Senior Advisor (Centres, Partnerships and Fundraising), Cochrane.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018