Teen smoking and e-cigarettes

In a recent story, US-based Fox News discusses the publication of a number of major studies, including a Cochrane Review, assessing aspects of smoking addiction and behaviour, and how the results might be integrated for effective public health intervention. The story looks at the results of two surveys published in December 2014, both aimed at documenting the attitudes of US teens towards smoking and tobacco addiction, with perceptions of e-cigarettes as a related topic.  The story links in a new Cochrane Review, also published in December 2014, which found emerging evidence that smokers who use electronic cigarettes can stop or reduce smoking, as part of a larger discussion on controlling access to e-cigarettes for minors and how they function as part of a larger pattern of smoking and addiction behaviour.

In introducing the e-cigarettes review, the news report  described the purpose of Cochrane Reviews as "whittl[ing] down existing research only to the strongest, most legitimate studies. Of the nearly 600 papers examined, only 13 were up to the Cochrane standard. Only two were randomized, controlled trials, which is the strongest measure."

Friday, January 30, 2015