Message from the Governing Board

Message from the Governing Board

 This week at its meeting in Edinburgh, Cochrane’s Governing Board considered, as planned, the findings of an independent review and additional complaints related to the conduct of a Member. The Board’s conclusion was communicated to the individual concerned and is part of an ongoing process. The Co-Chairs of the Board will provide further details once this process is complete.

Following this, four Board members (Gerald Gartlehner, David Hammerstein Mintz, Joerg Meerpohl and Nancy Santesso) decided to resign as Cochrane trustees with immediate effect. This situation required further changes in the composition of the Board in order to comply with Cochrane’s Articles of Association, and as a result Rae Lamb and Catherine Marshall, two appointed trustees, volunteered to step down.

An election for new Board members will take place soon. In the meantime, the Board will continue to govern The Cochrane Collaboration as usual, guided by our principles, Charter and Articles. The Board completed its planned business today and expresses its strong support for the commitment and professionalism of Cochrane’s Central Executive Team.

As the 25th Cochrane Colloquium gets underway in Edinburgh, the Governing Board looks forward to welcoming nearly 1,300 participants from 57 countries to celebrate our theme of ‘Cochrane for all: better evidence for better health decisions’.

Marguerite Koster and Martin Burton
Governing Board Co-Chairs

Saturday, September 15, 2018