Keeping Cochrane evidence up-to-date

Cochrane talks about how we are trying to  keep pace with fast-moving research field

A recent article in Nature, 'Out of date before it's published', looked at how we are keeping pace with fast-moving research fields. It featured the work of Cochrane to increase the speed and efficiency of Cochrane systematic review production.

Julian Elliott co-leader of Project Transform, discussed the need for the latest health evidence to be available and the idea of living systematic reviews. You can learn more about Project Transform and the work in this short video:

Chris Mavergames, Cochrane’s Head of Informatics & Knowledge Management, touched upon our 'evidence pipeline', Cochrane Crowd, and what's next for technology to make the process faster. You can learn more about our Citizen Scientist platform, Cochrane Crowd, in this short video:

Thursday, August 1, 2019