The deworming debate

Timeline: the deworming debate

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17 November: the debate continues on social media on the #dewormdebate, #deworming, and #wormwars hashtags. For updates from the LSHTM and Cochrane researchers, follow @LSHTMPress and @PaulGarnerWoof, as well as selected updates and RTs on @cochranecollab.

15 November: NPR considers 'The debate is on: to deworm or not to deworm?'

22 October: Paul Garner and David Taylor Robinson present 'How to make a case for deworming' at The Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases.

18 August: Columbia economist publishes an extensive and nonpartisan analysis.

14 August: BBC Radio 4 programme More or Less presents the deworming debate, including commentary from the lead author of the Cochrane Review (the deworming story begins at 09:00 of the recording, or read the print version).

4 August: Publication of a post on the World Bank blog which aims to provide a comprehensive anthology of online coverage and commentary.

1 August: A WHO advisory body affirms commitment to deworming programmes.

28 July: News analysis website Vox publishes an article summing up the relevant facts and points of discussion.

24 July: Giving Evidence, which 'works to get charitable giving based on evidence', analyzes the deworming debate from the philanthropic perspective.

23 July: Simultaneous publication of re-analysis of a school-based deworming programme in western Kenya in the International Journal of Epidemiology and an updated Cochrane Review incorporating this re-analysis. A press release from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) presents the key messages of the re-analysis, which generates significant press coverage, commentary, and analysis.

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