Cochrane Review Group Networks launch their two-year strategic plans

Engaging professionals, patients and policy makers with Cochrane reviews for greater impact

Engaging professionals, patients and policy makers with Cochrane reviews for greater impact.

Cochrane’s primary role is to produce and publish ‘high-quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence’ to support inform healthcare decisions. This is possible through the sheer dedication and hard work of the Cochrane community, including the author teams and the editorial support and guidance given to them by Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs).

During the last 12 months, Cochrane has created eight new Networks of Cochrane Review Groups, responsible for the efficient and timely production of high-quality systematic reviews that address the most important research questions for decision makers.

The CRG Networks within Cochrane, each have a Network team comprising of a Senior Editor, Associate Editor, and a Network Support Fellow.

Now, following comprehensive consultation and finalization with their CRG community at Cochrane’s Edinburgh Colloquium in September, the Network’s Senior and Associate Editors are delighted to announce their strategic plans that will guide their work over the next two years:

The CRG Network’s Strategic Plans are based on five key objectives:

  1. Supporting review production and capacity
  2. Evaluating Network scope and prioritisation of topic
  3. Fostering collaboration within the Network and with the wider Cochrane community
  4. Supporting knowledge translation to increase the impact of Cochrane review
  5. Ensuring accountability and sustainability of the Network

This is an exciting new development for Cochrane, working collectively to improve review production and editorial processes, which in turn aim to improve the quality of Cochrane reviews. These strategic plans also mean that the review questions chosen are the right ones for professionals, patients and policymakers, and are prioritized through interaction with relevant stakeholders, leading to higher impact in adoption in health guidelines and policies in the future.

We will regularly monitor and evaluate the implementation of these strategic plans and will publish our results with the Cochrane community every three months.


Thursday, November 22, 2018