Call for #CochraneLondon Social Media Ambassadors - Let's get social

#cochraneLondon - Let's get social!

If you are attending the Cochrane Colloquium and already share the work of Cochrane, health evidence, or evidence synthesis methodology with your social media followers, then sign up and be an official #CochraneLondon Ambassador!  Report live from the Colloquium, interview speakers, share some of the insights from each day, and go behind the scenes - all while being recognized for your work! 

Cochrane UK is hosting Cochrane’s Colloquium in London, UK, 4-6 September 2023. Cochrane’s Colloquium is a global health event for everyone with an interest in the use of evidence in healthcare decision making including those engaged in evidence production, co-production, dissemination, implementation and policy making, as well as those making individual healthcare decisions. Through talks, workshops, and other activities and presentations, we will be exploring this year's theme of “Forward together for trusted evidence”.

You can find Cochrane on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Instagram. We want to open up the discussion and learning that will be had at our event to everyone who wants to be involved, not just attendees and not just our regular followers. By working with others on social media, we hope to explore some of the key conference themes and highlight the work of Cochrane to new audiences including patients, health practitioners, policy-makers, guideline developers, health and science journalists, and researchers. 

#CochraneLondon Ambassadors would be comprised of those attending the colloquium that are very active on social media and maintain an established, public presence on either Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or TikTok.  We are looking for a dedicated group of social media users who will actively post before and during the Colloquium using the #CochraneLondon hashtag to create and maintain the buzz around the upcoming event and during the event itself. 

What we are looking for in volunteers:

  • Attending the Colloquium - preference will be given to those attending the Colloquium, although we may be open to those who want to follow along on social media. 
  • Creators of content in any language - we are interested in working with English and non-English creators.
  • Established on social media - we are looking for podcasters, bloggers, tweeters, Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers...any social media platform is great! Specialize in one or have many! You are already comfortable on your chosen platform and know how to optimize it for your followers to follow along with your experiences (e.g. using video, live tweeting).
  • Have an established audience interested in health or evidence-based medicine - your audience may be interested in one specific clinical area or health issue or have a more general interest.

What you'll do: 

  • Post in the lead-up to the Colloquium - share that you will be attending and then at the Colloquium, share the experience with your audience. We'll also invite you to share a short video of yourself or get a quote from you about why you are attending the event to be shared on our main accounts. 
  • Live post during the Colloquium - videos, photos, sharing quotes from sessions, live tweeting! We want to see (and share!) your experience at the Colloquium. 
  • Share using the official hashtag - use #CochraneLondon so that we can see your posts and help boost the signal from Cochrane's official accounts.  We'd also like you to interact with others using the hashtag before, during, and after the Colloquium.
  • Use your own voice and share your own opinions - we would like you to write in your style and share content that suits your audience. You are welcome to share your opinion on Cochrane or the topics being discussed but it's important that it is clear you are giving your own opinion and not 'speaking for Cochrane'. Please see our Spokesperson Policy.
  • Respond to comments and encourage discussion - discussion and debate is great! We are looking for people who use live tweeting or video to encourage people to be active participants. However, we don't encourage responding to abusive comments or comments not relevant to the matter under discussion. If individuals would like to raise issues with Cochrane outside of the scope of the social media conversation or have questions that Cochrane would be better suited to answer, please direct individuals to our 'Contact Us' page.
  • Have a respectful voice and be a moderator - all posts and responses should be polite and respect others' views; even if you don't agree.
  • Share your final thoughts and takeaway learning - we'd love for you to reflect on the experience in a blog post write-up.  If you are interested, it may be possible to have your blog posted on one of our websites. 

What selected #CochraneLondon Ambassadors will receive:

  • Recognition on the official #CochraneLondon website - with your social media accounts noted to get extra exposure.
  • feature - be featured in a news item on about the chosen Ambassadors that links out to your social media accounts; great for increasing your audience but also identifying others you may wish to collaborate with.
  • Ambassador badge - your Colloquium name tag will get a special badge on it to make you easily identifiable as one of our Ambassadors. 
  • Access to ambassador area - a special area to meet up during breaks! A space beyond the bustle of the Colloquium to work on your laptop, conduct an interview, or charge your devices.
  • Networking with others doing social media - join a special networking event on the first day to kick off the Colloquium and meet future collaborators. 
  • Network with Cochrane staff - a chance to meet and chat with Cochrane's Communication Department who run Cochrane and Cochrane Library social media accounts - ask them questions and network! 
  • Exclusive graphics - access to a  folder of social media graphics you may use. We will also create some personalized ones with your headshot!
  • Exclusive pictures - access to a folder of the Colloquium after each day and a chance to get new headshots taken.
  • Certificate of Appreciation - an official digital Cochrane Certificate of Appreciation that can be added to your social media or resume. 
  • Cochrane Membership - membership points will be added to give you one year of Cochrane Membership. 

How to apply: NOW CLOSED - but please email if you are attending and interested
Complete and submit this short survey by July 31, 2023 telling us about yourself, your social media accounts, and why you would like to get involved. Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity. Those applying will be reviewed by the Colloquium Communications Committee and contacted directly. 

Thursday, February 16, 2023