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  • New evidence helps health workers in the fight against EbolaEmbargoed: 00.01 GMT: Thursday 26th February 2015
    Press contact: Jo Anthony
    M+44(0) 7582 726 634E or   Watch a short film which accompanies this Cochrane Review and talks about applying the findings in relevant clinical settings....
    24 février 2015
  • Time magazine cites a 2012 Cochrane Review in an article discussing foods which may help to lower blood pressure.
    24 février 2015
  • Campbell
    Cochrane is pleased to announce the signing of a Partnership Agreement (PA) with the Campbell Collaboration, effective February 2015. The PA provides a framework for the two organizations to work more cooperatively and effectively together in a number of areas of common interest.Cochrane has had close ties with the Campbell Collaboration since...
    16 février 2015
  • Dear all,
    It has been a little while since we last updated on the project and now that 2014 has come to an end, it seems a good opportunity to relay some of the key events of the year and our plans for the future.As of the end of December 2014, 746 people have signed up; we've identified more than 4000 RCTs/q-RCTs, and screened 104,000...
    30 janvier 2015
  • I am delighted to announce the launch of Cochrane’s new website and organizational identity.We are excited to introduce our new name, ‘Cochrane’, and new logo design, which marries a subtle evolution of Cochrane’s old logo and traditional dark blue with the use of a secondary colour purple. Our new design demonstrates clear visual change without...
    30 janvier 2015
  • Every Cochrane Review reflects both a substantial commitment of time and expertise on the part of the review author team and all the editors, information specialists and peer reviewers based at the relevant Cochrane Review Group. The work undertaken and the rigour of the process are both focused on ensuring that the best quality evidence from...
    30 janvier 2015
  • Cochrane Review shows how a cheaper alternative to licensed drug for treating eye disease has similar side effectsNeovascular macular degeneration is a progressive and chronic disease of the eye, and a leading cause of blindness in older people globally.About one in 10 people with macular degeneration suffers legal blindness.In September 2014, a...
    30 janvier 2015
  • In a recent story, US-based Fox News discusses the publication of a number of major studies, including a Cochrane Review, assessing aspects of smoking addiction and behaviour, and how the results might be integrated for effective public health intervention. The story looks at the results of two surveys published in December 2014, both aimed at...
    30 janvier 2015
  • Since 2002, governments around the world have spent billions of dollars stockpiling neuraminidase inhibitors (NIs) such as Tamiflu® (oseltamivir) and Relenza® (zanamivir) in anticipation of an influenza pandemic. This trend increased dramatically following the outbreak of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) in April 2009. It was initially believed that NIs...
    9 May 2014
  • The website for the 23rd Cochrane Colloquium, taking place in Vienna from 3-7 October 2015, is now live. Get the latest information on key dates, registration, and activities in the historic host city.Get all the latest updates here:


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