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  • Establishment of a new Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group
    Cochrane is delighted to announce the establishment of a new Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group based in Oregon.The Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group was originally registered in 1997 but was led by Frans and Anja Helmerhorst until their recent retirement in 2016. Since then the Group has been under the care of Cochrane Gynaecology and...
    26 January 2018
  • Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility establishes Satellite Group in the Netherlands
    Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group in Auckland, New Zealand in collaboration with the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, has established a new Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility satellite. The satellite will start off with gathering, evaluating, and disseminating reviews on the effectiveness and safety of interventions...
    25 January 2018
  • Cochrane Deutschland Stiftung
    Cochrane Germany is delighted to announce the official launch of a new Foundation securing the future of using high-quality information to promote health decision-making in Germany.Tuesday, 23 January, saw the opening ceremony of the Cochrane Germany Foundation (Cochrane Deutschland Stiftung, CDS), which was established in November 2017 by the...
    23 January 2018
  • Reminding people about vaccinations can increase rates of immunization
    A newly updated Cochrane Review suggests that reminding people when their vaccinations are due or overdue increases the number of people being immunized.Rates of immunization against infectious diseases in children and adults are improving, but under-vaccination remains a problem that results in vaccine-preventable deaths and illnesses. In Europe...
    18 January 2018
  • The 25th annual Cochrane Colloquium, to be held in Edinburgh 16-18 September, has now been officially granted ‘Patients Included’ status, appearing on the official list of ‘Patients Included’ accredited conferences.
    The 25th annual Cochrane Colloquium, to be held in Edinburgh 16-18 September, has now been officially granted ‘Patients Included’ status, appearing on the official list of ‘Patients Included’ accredited conferences.The Patients Included conference charter provides conference organisers with ‘a means of demonstrating that their events are committed...
    17 January 2018
  • Calling all Citizen Scientists! Join the CitSciMed Blitz!
    Got a burning passion for health? Ready to make a difference? We’ve got you covered.Join Cochrane Crowd, our partner platforms Mark2Cure and Stall Catchers and our collective global volunteer network for the CitSciMed Blitz. Together we can speed up medical research and make a difference.Cochrane Crowd is Cochrane’s new citizen science platform....
    15 January 2018
  • Cochrane evidence on Tumblr
    Browse through our Tumblr account and get a visual dose of Cochrane evidence!Tumblr is a microblogging social networking website – a place where people post images and animated graphics. On our Cochrane Tumblr account, you can view visual summaries of Cochrane evidence.

    If you have a Tumblr account, you can follow us to add Cochrane...
    15 January 2018
  • The Recommended Dose: Episode 8 with Jullian Elliott
    EPISODE 8: JULIAN ELLIOTTLead for Evidence Systems at Cochrane & Head of Clinical Research in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Alfred Hospital and Monash UniversityRay’s guest this week is Julian Elliott - the well-travelled Australian doctor, researcher and big picture thinker who aims to use new technology to radically improve...
    20 December 2017
  • Covidence continues improvements to streamline Cochrane Reviews
    Covidence is one of Cochrane’s recommended tools to support you in some of the most labour-intensive stages of your systematic review, saving up to 35% of researcher time. Covidence allows your team to upload search results, screen abstracts and full text, complete data collection, conduct risk of bias assessment, resolve disagreements and export...
    19 December 2017
  • NNew collaborative website launched by UoM Cochrane Review Groups
    A new website has been launched to highlight the work and impact of the three Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) hosted by the University of Manchester (UoM).Cochrane is an international organisation that produces high quality evidence summaries to inform decisions about health and health care interventions. CRGs support Cochrane’s primary function:...
    18 December 2017


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