Virtual #CochraneSantiago - Meet our content creators!

Virtual #CochraneSantiago

Cochrane’s first virtual Colloquium is happening 2-6 December, 2019. Cochrane’s Colloquium is an annual, global health event based on promoting the most prestigious evidence in the world and where hundreds of international researchers, opinion leaders, health experts and patients join together for open, scientific debate promoting the use of evidence in health. Through activities and presentations, we will be exploring this year's theme of “Embracing diversity”.

Meet our content creator volunteers who will be helping to share the work of Cochrane and our virtual #CochraneSantiago materials and discussion to their social media followers. They will be sharing content in 6 different languages (English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Sinhalese, and Spanish) and across all your favorite social media platforms.

Alvaro Dendi

Languages: Spanish
Twitter: @alvarodendi
"I am a  Neonatologist, currently teaching Medical Students in Uruguay.  I feel that it is important for  information to be evidence based to ensure quality in our decision making process .I enjoy sharing medical information on Twitter to help increase awareness and better our knowledge in medical science."

Amena El-Harakeh   
Languages: English and  Arabic
Instagram: amena.elharakeh
"I am  a research assistant at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon. I hold a Master in Public Health with a concentration in Health Management and Policy and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from AUB. My research interests are focused on evidence synthesis, priority setting, research methodology and health systems research."
Virtual Santiago Posters - Prioritization approaches in the development of health practice guidelines: a systematic review and The health literature in Syria and on Syrian refugees before and after armed conflict: a scoping review

Ammar Suhail   
Languages: English
"I am a movement expert, a physiotherapist in India. In addition to sharing health evidence on Twitter, I have a WhatsApp group named 'Evidence Based Practice' where I share articles and then follow it up with their summaries. I also own a Facebook page where I have been updating evidence in regular basis."

Ana Beatriz Pizarro   
Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese  
Instagram: anabeatrizpizar
"I'm a fourth year nursing student at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, I’ve been interested in evidence-based healthcare since I started my bachelor because it aims to provide the most effective care that is available to help individuals and communities. Since 2016, I have been apart of a research group that works with Cochrane Colombia. I've recently started writing blogs for S4BE. The type of content I share is about EBM and public health."

Andrés Felipe López Lopera   
Languages: Spanish  
Twitter: @ AndresLMD
Instagram: AndresLMD
Pinterest: AndresLMD
Blog: AndresLMD
"I am a resident doctor of internal medicine. I enjoy helping and sharing my experiences with evidence based medicine on social media."

Anna Permyakova   
Languages: Russian
Instagram: @sys_notabene
"I am an assistant professor at the Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the Medical University of Perm, Russia. My students and I are proponents of evidence-based medicine and have created a Student Science Society."

Annemeri Livinalli   
Languages: Português and English  
Twitter: @Anne_Livi
" I am pharmacist specialized in oncology with experience in pediatric oncology. I live in Brazil and recently joined Cochrane Haematological Malignancies as an author of a systematic review about biosimilars. As director of communication in the Brazilian Society of Oncology Pharmacist, usually I share content about new medicines, new studies, and events in the area. In personal LinkedIn and Facebook, I usually share general health information, including posts from Cochrane."

Auxiliadora Fraiz Padin   
Languages: English and Spanish
Twitter: @AuxiFp
"I have been involved in Cochrane's citizen scientist platform Cochrane Crowd. I also enjoy compling tasks as a consumer on the Cochrane's TaskExchange platform. I am looking forward to sharing my expeiences."

Carrie Price    
Languages: English
"I am a clinical medical librarian at the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I am also an information specialist for Cochrane Urology. I love to engage with #medtwitter, #meded, and #evidencebasedmedicine communities on Twitter and am consistently amazed at the reach this social media platform allows."

Casey Quinlan
Languages: English
Twitter: @MightyCasey
Instagram: mightycasey
Podcast: Mighty Casey
"I blend my background in network news and standup comedy to inform my health policy work. I write, speak, and facilitate the Festivus Airing of Grievances in healthcare. My favourite people to work with are those who want to break-fix the system, not serve the status quo."

Christopher Jackson   
Languages: English
"I am an academic general internist and assistant professor of medicine at UTHSC Memphis. At UT Memphis, I do a lot of teaching on evidence based practice through my clinical work and in large group discussions. I am involved in the Cochrane Clinical Advisor program with Dr. Jane Burch."

David Alberto Santos Hernández   
Languages: Spanish   
Instagram: inmed28
Facebook: Inmed
"I am a medical student passionate about research. Since I have become familiar Cochrane, I have participated in its activities: webinars, Cochrane Crowd and Cochrane TaskExchange, where I have been able to support authors of systematic reviews by translating articles and verifying inclusion and exclusion criteria for studies. I like to make infographics to communicate the findings of the studies and thus provide information to the general public."

Denis Islamgulov   
Languages: Russian and English   
Instagram: dr.islamgulov
"I'm from Ufa, Russia. I've been working in IVF more than 10 years. I'm an embryologist. I write short posts about Cochrane's reviews and share on social media."

Elena Stallings    
Languages: Spanish and English 
Twitter: @Bioest_HRC
"I'm a pre-doctoral student at the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid and also working at the Clinical Biostatistics Unit at Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid. Cochrane Madrid is based out of the Clinical Biostatistics Unit and I´m currently involved in a few Cochrane and non-Cochrane reviews. I'm the social media manager at the office and we post regularly on our twitter about news from the Clinical Biostatistics Unit and Cochrane Madrid."

Giordano Pérez-Gaxiola 
Languages: English and Spanish
Twitter: @giordanopg
Instagram: giordanopg
"I'm a Paediatrician, and Cochrane Mexico director.   I also participate in TestingTreatments Interactive, the Informed Health Choices project, and Epistemonikos.  I usually share information and evidence about childcare."
Virtual #CochraneSantigao presentation - Using a challenge in Cochrane Crowd to involve medical students in evidence production 
Jana Stojanova
Languages: English and Spanish  
Twitter: @jana_uv
Instagram: jsto7380
"I am a mom, and working at the School of Medicine, University of Valparaiso and for Cochrane Chile.  I am interested in methods to evaluate complex service level interventions, such as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, and I am interested in quality guidelines for quasi-experimental study designs."

Juan Victor Ariel Franco
Languages: English, French, and Spanish
Twitter: @juan_francomd
Instagram: @jva_franco
"I am a family physician, Associate Professor and Director of the Cochrane Associate Centre - Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano and Contact Editor for Cochrane Urology. I am interested in compared effectiveness research and patient-centered care, including shared decision making."

Karen Huamán  
Languages: Spanish
Instagram: sakavi15
"I am a nurse and a senior student in the Master of Epidemiology at the National University of San Marcos. I work in the Unit of Analysis and Generation of Evidence in Public Health (UNAGESP) of the National Institute of Health of Peru, develop systematic reviews, health technology evaluations and clinical practice guides informed in evidence for the Ministry of Health. UNAGESP is a Cochrane Collaborating Centre and as part of it, we transfer knowledge for the development of guidelines to professional clinical experts in different healthcare institutions, in this way we disseminate the evidence and insert methodologies that allow us to make better decisions at all levels."
Virtual #Cochrane Santiago Poster - Towards informed decisions in trusted evidence in Latin America: quality and risk of bias in systematic reviews about vaccines

Kate Frazer   

Languages: English    
Twitter: @katef224
"I’m a lecturer at University College Dublin in School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems. I am a Cochrane author of reviews on legislative smoking bans and have expertise in public health and social epidemiology."

Kate Nyhan   
Languages: English    
Twitter: @KDNyhan
"I'm an academic medical librarian specializing in public health. I think we should teach critical appraisal of published systematic reviews before we teach people how to write new ones. I think journals publishing evidence synthesis should have information specialists review the quality and reporting of searches before publication. I think that automation is going to eat the lunch of everyone using artisanal methods, but I don't know if that's a good thing. I tweet about evidence synthesis, dissemination and implementation, and medical librarianship. I'm not affiliated with Cochrane."

Kieran Shukla    
Languages: English    
Twitter: @psychwithkieran
"Currently, I'm an Assistant Psychologist working in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. I'm supervised by two clinical neuro-psychologists and support the delivery of evidence-based psychological interventions and the development of cognitive strategies with service users. I deliver neuropsychological assessments where appropriate and deliver group therapy sessions - a Psychological adjustment/cognitive skills group session and a mindfulness-based session. I work closely with the MDT to formulate rehabilitation goals and conduct goal attainment scaling analysis. I also analyse behaviours and work with the Support Team to manage/support behaviours. The role is fulfilling and injected with creativity to provide holistic support to people affected by brain injuries! (And encompasses more than the short description!)"
Lyubov Lytvyn
Languages: English
Twitter: @lyubovlytvyn
Blog: Guest blogger on
“I'm a PhD student at McMaster University, specializing in Health Research Methodology. My research is on the methodology and evaluation of patient and caregiver partnership in the development of evidence syntheses and clinical practice guidelines, with a focus on a series called the BMJ-MAGIC Rapid Recommendations. I collaborate with several groups on projects related to stakeholder engagement, including the Cochrane Consumers Network, Cochrane Living Evidence Network, Multiple Stakeholder Engagement (MuSE) GRADE Working Group, and Guideline International Network (GIN) PUBLIC. I'm passionate about evidence synthesis and guideline development methodology, multidisciplinary collaboration, integrated knowledge translation, as well as health communication and literacy.”

Magda Gabriela Palmero Hinojosa    
Languages: Spanish    
Twitter: @gestiologos
Instagram: gestiologos
Facebook Group: gestiologos
Other: Gestiólogos en Salud
"I am a medical specialist in the quality of clinical care.  my relationship with Cochrane is with one of my professor Dr. Carlos Cuello, who is in Cochrane, in the years of training in the specialty as a resident doctor gave us the subject of evidence-based medicine in which we conducted a systematic review.  I have a podcast called Gestiólogos in which I create and disseminate valuable content on issues of leadership, management, entrepreneurship, quality in Health within a framework of evidence-based medicine.  interviewing experts from health professionals."

Mario Enrique Díaz Barrera and Alexandra   
Languages: Spanish    
Instagram: _bluemed_
Facebook: BlueMed
"We are a page that every week includes flash cards about the four great topics of medicine (Medicine, Surgery, Gynecoobstetrics and pediatrics) that aims to reach students and health personnel in a didactic and easy way, our posts contain quick information about definition, risk factors, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment with updated information from the up to date platform and national guides.  One of our goals is to incorporate levels of evidence  According GRADE in our flash cards that is one of the reasons why one of the administrators of the page will be attending this event."


Move Forward    
Languages: Español    
Instagram: moveforwardeducacion
Facebook: Move Forward
"Somos una página que comparte contenido de la mejor calidad en el área de fisioterapia, los mejores tratamientos, pruebas, test, y beneficios de esta en cualquiera que sea el padecimiento a tratar con la finalidad de mantener actualizado a los fisioterapeutas de México y que pueda aplicarlo rápidamente a la clínica"

Natalia Perez    
Languages: Spanish    
Instagram: nata_elisa
"I'm physical therapist, working in research area in Teleton, children rehabilitation institute.  I've done a systematic review and I teach about research and evidence based medicine. I follow Cochrane and I read new rehabilitation systematic reviews every week."

Nelly Darbois    
Languages: French    
Twitter: StopTranspi
Facebook: StopTranspi
"I am a physiotherapist, teacher, and web editor. For several years, I have been teaching evidence-based practice to physiotherapy students, doctoral students of all disciplinary backgrounds, and the general public. I greatly appreciate the work of the Cochrane collaboration and I contribute to the writing of the monthly letter for French-speaking physiotherapists.  Since 2012, I have been blogging about hyperhidrosis. I disseminate all factual information on this pathology to the general public. I also speak on the main French-speaking forum on this pathology and the French-speaking Facebook group.  Since 2014, I have also been blogging for residents of my city on various health topics. I rely as often as possible on Cochrane Reviews.  It would also be a pleasure to continue to collaborate to raise awareness of the Cochrane collaboration among the general public, and more practically, the importance of evidence-based medicine."

Pablo Lopez    
Languages: Spanish    
Twitter: @plopezpsike
Instagram: plopez1979
"I'm psychologist with a PhD in Medicine.   My main interest is sharing evidence in psychotherapy.  I've published a Cochrane Review about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults with ADHD.  I usually share information about this topic in Spanish through the social media."
Virtual #CochraneSantiago Poster - Living OVerview of the Evidence (L·OVE): a sensitive tool to search for evidence
Patricia Aluko    
Languages: English    
Twitter:  Patriciaaluko 
"I have a background in pharmacy with experience in the synthesis of clinical and economic evidence. I am currently a member of the Cochrane and Campbell economics methods group and has been involved in putting together online learning module and handbook for including economic evidence into systematic reviews."

Roberto Altamirano    
Languages: English and Spanish
Twitter: @DrRAltamiranoA
Instagram: dr.roberto_altamirano_a
"I am a Gynaecologic Oncologist - Assistance Professor from Universidad de Chile Hospital Clinico San Borja Arriaran. I am a member of the Board of Directors SOCHOG (Chilean national Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) which is a Cochrane membership helping with online tasks."
Virtual #CochraneSantiago Poster: Epidemiological status of migrant women with cervical cancer at San Borja Arriaran Hospital, Santiago, Chile

Robin Vernooij    
Languages: English    
Twitter: robinvernooij 
"I am a a post-doctoral fellow, employed at the University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherlands, with a special focus on epidemiology and nephrology. Apart from being previously employed by the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre for almost three years,  I have been involved in the Cochrane community by collaborating with several Cochrane groups. My main interests are: systematic review methodology, guidelines, and population-based (registry) research. The content I share on social media ranges relates almost exclusively to anything academic or professional related, including interesting papers, views on professional matters, and content of conference presentations."

Roses Parker    
Languages: English    
Twitter:  @roses_parker 
"I have experience in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research and currently hold the position of Assistant Editor for Social Media at the Journal of Child Health Care. I joined the Musculoskeletal Oral Skin and Sensory Network as Network Support Fellow in 2019."

Roshan Piyarathne    
Languages: Sinhalese    

Sarah Chapman    
Languages: English    
Twitter: @SarahChapman30 
Instagram: sarahchapman30 
"I am the Knowledge Broker at Cochrane UK, where I create content to share on our social media platforms. I edit and write for our blog, Evidently Cochrane, and work with my colleague Selena and with others in Cochrane on Knowledge Translation activities."

Sonam Kelzang    
Languages: English    
Twitter: @sonkelz 
"I'm General Surgeon. I believe strongly that healthcare should be on the best available evidence. I'm interested in Minimal Invasive, Urology,  and transplants."

Stella O'Brien    
Languages: English    
Twitter:  @EvidenceMatters
"As an active contributor to Cochrane I have many healthcare-related conversations on Twitter ranging from clinical trial design, PPI, the value of patient perspectives in priority setting and the design of healthcare services. My personal experience as a patient and carer, alongside my work with healthcare bodies and Cochrane, underpins my motivation to contribute to more timely reviews of evidence and better communication of research and its findings."

Tania Rodriguez Vargas    
Languages: Spanish and English
Twitter: @taniaesme07
Instagram: t._rodriguez
"I am a dentist, I work as a teacher in a health research and studies centre at the public health school. I am not a blogger however I make a lot of use of my social networks as a means to share information with my students and people who work in health and the general public. Is the first time that my country goes and I would like to share this experience. I enjoy to share information of health and education."

Tatyana Archakova    
Languages: Russian and English
Facebook: Проектирование и оценка в социальной сфере
"I am a psychologist (practitioner & researcher) with basic medical training and bits and pieces of self-teaching in evidence-based approach in medical field (e.g. I have completed "Clinical Trials" on Coursera). I am also a member of the Russian Association of Specialists in Evaluation of Programs and Policies. Recently I have become a Cochrane volunteer, having participated in the "Rapid" study."

Vanessa Gomes
Languages: Portuguese
Instagram: @medjusrj
"I am a pharmacist working with health judicialization in Brasil, I am finishing my masters in health tecnologybassessment and I work with evidence based medicine.  I share news about evidence based medicine, and results of systematic reviews."

Vinicio Robalino    
Languages: Spanish and English
Instagram: @viniciowashere
"I am a medical student, and I like to be up to date with medical evidence, also I like to share this type of information in my social media."

Yhojar Pisfil    
Languages: Español    
Instagram: dr_piamadre
"Soy estudiante de Medicina del 6to año de Perú, que creo una cuenta de instagram con el unico fin de repasar los temas de medicina. El principal metodo que usamos para el repaso son las trivias y banqueo semanales para ir preparandonos para los examenes de preinternado, enam y residentado."
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