Cochrane Work, Health and Social Security

About us

The Thematic Group Work, Health and Social Security is a partnership between the Cochrane Work review group and the Cochrane Insurance Medicine field, who have a long history of collaboration. Acknowledging that an ageing workforce and the rise of chronic diseases in the population have increased the work-related burden of disease, our thematic group is investigating how better occupational health care can prevent work-related disabilities and deaths and ensure work participation of individuals with impaired health or a decent income replacement in case of permanent work disability.

A dynamic, multidisciplinary group of authors with extensive experience in evidence synthesis supports the Work and Health component of our thematic group. Their focus includes work participation, prevention of occupational and work-related diseases, health promotion in the workplace, and health and safety risks from workplace exposures.

Our Social Security component focuses on providing evidence to practitioners, medical experts and insurers. Physicians engaged in insurance medicine tasks, such as issuing sick notes or assessing patients' ability to work, need high-quality evidence to make their recommendations valid and reliable. Our network of eexperts contributes to these knowledge translation activities by sharing and disseminating the evidence.

These activities will lead to exciting collaborations between researchers and experts who have experience working together and with their wider communities.



Jan Hoving - University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  Regina Kunz - University of Basel, Switzerland.

Our Plans

Our overarching mission is to further - within Cochrane reviews - the goals of work participation, safety and health at work, and to contribute to evidence-based decisions in social security and insurance medicine.

Some of our immediate objectives are to

  1. Produce and support the production of high quality, high priority evidence syntheses in the area of work and occupational health.
  2. Systematically identify high priority topics on work, occupational health and social security.
  3. Contribute to Cochrane methodology by further developing the Core Outcome Set for Work ( for use in reviews and trials of occupational interventions.
  4. Disseminate Cochrane evidence on our topics through an appropriate range of formats and channels.
  5. Team up with global partners (such as ‘Evidence for Work’,, a network for occupational safety and health, work participation and well-being).
  6. Promote our activities and engage national and international researchers and stakeholders active in organizations such as EUMASS and ICOH, as well as members of our own institutional networks.
  7. Continue educational activities on Cochrane and evidence-based care in professional formation.


News about Cochrane Work, Health and Social Security is coming soon.

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