DianaHealth portal to improve clinical appropriateness of recommendations

Portal to help with  better decision making concerning patient care and healthcare systems sustainability.

Dissemination of Initiatives to Analyse Appropriateness in Healthcare, or DianaHealth (www.dianasalud.com) was developed to easily identify recommendations which improve clinical appropriateness. The portal was created by the Clinical Epidemiology Service, Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre located at the Hospital of Sant Pau, and by the other groups of the Clinical Epidemiology Programme of CIBERESP (CIBER de Epidemiología y Salud Pública; Biomedical Research Networking Centres of Epidemiology and Public Health), which partially funded it.

This open access portal is available in Spanish and English and allows searching existing recommendations (currently almost 3000), which have been previously identified and classified by speciality, health condition, and initiative. DianaHealth could help physicians and other stakeholders make better decisions concerning patient care and healthcare systems sustainability.

Read more about the portal in a recent PLOS ONE journal article.

Visit DianaHealth in Spanish and English.

Thursday, April 21, 2016