Cochrane’s success in numbers July-September 2018

Cochrane’s Organizational Dashboard Q3 July – September 2018

An enhanced Cochrane Library platform launch, huge increase in visits to, and almost 1,300 contributors attend Cochrane’s Colloquium in Edinburgh, UK.

We are proud to present key highlights of Cochrane’s performance during July – September 2018 as part of our latest organizational Dashboard.

This important information consists of data on Strategy to 2020 target achievements, and key metrics around the Strategy’s four Goals, Producing evidence; Making our evidence accessible; Advocating for evidence; Building an effective sustainable organization.

This quarter, July- September 2018, saw the successful launch of the new Cochrane Library platform, redesigned with enhancements to improve user experience and functionality.

We are delighted to share other achievements across Cochrane during this period including:

  • An astonishing 22% increase in web sessions since Quarter II 2018, that’s a 99% increase in web sessions since a year ago.

  • Usage in some countries (Japan, Mexico, Brazil) showing even more significant growth

  • 22% increase in Cochrane supporters since Quarter II

  • Major increases in year on year members of Cochrane Crowd (44%), users of Task Exchange (89%)  and Covidence (65%)

  • Nearly 1,300 delegates attend a hugely successful Patients Included Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh, UK.

View Cochrane’s organizational performance in more detail in PDF formatIf you would like further information on Cochrane’s organizational data and information, please contact Sarah Darbyshire Evans (

Friday, November 30, 2018