Cochrane Library Special Collection: Preventing falls and fall-related injuries in older people

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Special Collection updated to include the latest Cochrane Evidence

Falling is a common problem and is an often-overlooked cause of injury in the elderly. Falls increase in frequency with advancing age and increasing frailty. Falls should not be considered an inevitable consequence of ageing. The Cochrane Reviews in this Special Collection focus on the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries in older people, and they provide evidence of effective interventions. The collection includes reviews on the prevention of falls caused by visual impairment, prevention of falls in the community and falls in care settings, and the prevention of falls following major illness.

This Special Collection was originally released in October 2018 but has been updated to include a new Cochrane Review which provides strong evidence that falls in people over sixty-years old can be prevented by exercise programmes.


Friday, February 1, 2019