Apply now: the Cochrane-REWARD prize for reducing waste in research

Nominations are open for the 2019 Cochrane-REWARD prize, which recognizes initiatives that have potential to reduce research waste.

An estimated $170 billion of research funding is wasted each year because its outcomes cannot be used [1]. The waste occurs during 5 stages of research production: question selection, study design, research conduct, publication, and reporting [2,3]. Much of this waste appears to be avoidable or remediable, but there are few proposed solutions.  

The Cochrane-REWARD prize was established in 2017 to stimulate and promote research in this area.  

Cochrane is now calling for nominations for the 2019 prize

All nominations will be assessed using the following criteria:
1.    The nominee has addressed at least one of the 5 stages of waste (questions, design, conduct, publication, reporting) in health research;
2.    The nominee has pilot or more definitive data showing the initiative can lower waste;
3.    The initiative can be scaled up;
4.    The estimated potential reduction in research waste that the initiative might achieve.

Nominations for the 2019 prize should be submitted by 5 June 2019. Two prizes will be awarded (a 1st prize of £1500 and a 2nd prize of £1000), but other shortlisted candidates will also be highlighted to help disseminate good ideas.

The winners of the 2019 prize will be announced at the 5th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference, which will take place in Brighton, UK on 6-9 October 2019.

More information on the prize and how to submit a nomination
Read about the previous winners of the Cochrane-REWARD prize

Deadline for submissions: 5 June


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Friday, February 22, 2019